Red Dead Redemption Sequel Is In Development For PS4/XBO, Has Focus On Co-Op - Report

GearNuke: "Red Dead Redemption sequel might be in development for PS4/XBO according to a new rumor."

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AnotherProGamer1447d ago

I'm a insider

and I can confirm that RDR2 will have graphics and sounds

thorstein1447d ago

Me too. I can confirm that it will have characters and a storyline.

Dee_911447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Hi, insider here.I can confirm that you will be able to purchase this game in the near future.Wait this just in, you can actually purchase this game with MONEY in the near future!

Pogmathoin1447d ago

Rumours of a horse Dlc too.

darthv721447d ago

So you had red dead revolver, red dead recemption and the 3rd game cant simply be red dead redemption 2. that is just.....

I was thinking red dead retaliation or red dead revolution.

jannytime1447d ago

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be called Red Dead Revenge.

mattdillahunty1447d ago

"I'm a insider

and I can confirm that RDR2 will have graphics and sounds"

i'm actually a real insider, so i know you're wrong on both counts.

the new RDR is actually going to be a command line text-based adventure.

Gothdom1447d ago

I'm an insider and the next Red Dead will be in space.

Red Dead Radiation

TenSteps1446d ago

I heard from a reliable source that you play as a Carpenter turned Outlaw.

Red Dead Renovation.

KevehKins1446d ago

I heard it's going to be a free to play runner game ala Temple Run on smartphones and tablets where you run from the law on horseback and occasionally have boss fights where you try to capture a bounty target. The in game currency will be gold and will cost an inordinate amount of money if you want to buy some in order to progress.


They're calling it Red Dead Rip-off.

hay1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Since we are all insiders I can easily share that a sequel to a certain popular game from well established developer is in development as we speak. And it's going to be good, will have lots of fans excited, and some won't see it coming at all.

With that being said the title of the game contains at least one consonant and a vowel, with the same being true for studio and publisher names.

Game is being made on computers with monitors attached to them and compiled into binary which will be executable on at least two popular platforms. It will feature gameplay notable for the series.

bumsick1445d ago

I can confirm the next red dead game will involve playing as a bird, you will hunt worms and use them to feed your young. Red dead: regurgitation!

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Muzikguy1447d ago

I received an email today from a top industry executive that's so far inside the insiders are jealous! They told me that thoughts of RDR3 are being thrown around and it's going to have VR support and play like a dream @120fps!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Palitera1447d ago

I literally can't believe how naive you guys are.

IT IS A RANDOM POST ON A FORUM BY A RANDOM USER. Absolutely nothing more. It is not even a recurrent liar, aka insider.

And when I say "literally" I literally mean "literally", because you are much more naive than I can reckon.

Anyway, RDR sequel was already "confirmed" months ago. Where were you guys?


Muzikguy1447d ago

People seem to be commenting about insiders because there are always stories about some completely 100% full truth statement that everyone knows about as true, as a rumor or something they just "heard". They want to be deemed a credible source and the site is just looking for hits. Nobody here seems naive as I see it. Surely you've seen piss poor speculations by "insiders" that were already true and off the wall predictions that would never be true?!

thorstein1447d ago

So, you mean the snarky way we replied above means we are naive?

Um...I am actually an industry insider and your link is not in line with with is going to happen. In fact, the game will not only have characters, graphics, sound and a story but it will be open world.

Maybe you are too naive to understand snark?

Palitera1447d ago

^ Or maybe you have a problem in understanding that I was not referring to the obvious jokes above.

bloop1446d ago

I don't think we need an "insider" to tell us there's a new Red Dead coming. It's a highly rated, critically acclaimed franchise and Redemption tops the list of many gamers favourites of all time. It's not something that's going to be put to rest. Another instalment is inevitable. It's only a matter of time.

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3-4-51447d ago

I loved the first game and IMO it was a better made game and more fun overall than any GTA game I ever played.

I would love a sequel to this game.

Hellsvacancy1446d ago

You did get a sequel to the first game, it's called Red Dead Redemption


1447d ago
showtimefolks1447d ago

I think we may see it announced at playstation event or the game awards show

Or at least I am hoping for that lol

Blasphemy1447d ago

isnt this a no brainer?

DonFreezer1447d ago

If true worst news of the day. What about pc gamers. Rockstar is getting ready to make the same huge mistake they made with Red Dead Redemption. A PC should be considered a given. The first one was one the games I truly can't justify not appearing on PC. I have finished the game on the 360 I just can't get over the fact that the game didn't release on the PC with mods.

GearsOfWar1446d ago

Mods would have been great with RDR.

With GTA I usually buy first on console, play it for the core game/story, then I buy it later on PC when it's on sale and all the good mods are out.

Couldn't do that with RDR :/

on_line_forever1446d ago

i hope they release the first remaster with new one on PC .

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Relientk771447d ago

Can't wait til we see it, first one was awesome

nucky641447d ago

great, another game with co-op forced in. hopefully, it doesn't gimp the single-player experience.

Kane221447d ago

im over the every game needs co-op crap or some form of online....

Ezz20131447d ago

I'm sick of every game that somehow need multiplayer those days too

that's why i will always be single player guy

ion6661447d ago

Co-op is for relationships. And I'm on a break now living the single life

Gamble201447d ago

I only agree with you half-way. I wish more games had a quality co-op experience, especially locally. I have friends and we don't just like to watch each other play all the time.

On the other hand, a lot of times the co-op (especially online) does tend to suck if it's forced in.

BattleTorn1447d ago

I LLOOOVE Co-op, even it's only 2person.

But it's gotta be seemless with SP. None of this seperate character BS, a la Mass Effect, Dragon Age.

That's MP.

ThatOneGuyThere1447d ago

a lot of things are bad if they're forced in.. gotta ease it in, all gentleman like.

gangsta_red1447d ago

I love co-op.

If I'm paying for an online service to play multiplayer games than dag-nabit I better get some good multiplayer games. That does include co-op.

And I don't know about you but Red Dead One was awesome and the multi was fun as hell, I don't think these guys could mess it up.

Not to mention a western co-op game....sign me up!

ThatOneRiggaNob1447d ago

the first red dead had co-op and it worked fine....

-Foxtrot1447d ago

It will

I'm sorry I know it's Rockstar and it's Red Dead...I'm esstatic that we will get a new Red Dead but co-op in open world games always means that they will build up the mission/story built for two people

Something you could only do solo will probably have to be tweaked for two people

Why do Rockstar work on co-op and online, did they not learn from GTA Online.

Get the main game finished and then do co-op missions as DLC.

n4gamingm1447d ago

This is rockstar there most likely going to do the same style as GTA online which would be awesome.

LordMaim1447d ago

Hey, the online co-op for RDR was awesome. If they're doing campaign co-op I'll be slightly concerned, but being Rockstar I'd be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

PockyKing1447d ago

Exactly why I created a site for everything single player haha. Actually surprised at the amount of games that are still only single player. I was worried when I first made the site that there'd be a lack of things to report. Obviously we gotta bend the rules a bit and cover campaigns of games that have MP, but there's plenty of games that don't include MP at all.

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InsaneGam3r1447d ago

I hope Rockstar will show the game in E3

orakle441447d ago

I hope they show it way before E3 :)