Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4 & Vita, More NEOGEO Classics on the Way

By Adam Laatz: "Hi all,
We’re excited that PS Experience is just around the corner, and in leading up to the show… we have an interesting poll for PlayStation Network users and fans of SNK / NEOGEO to participate in here on the official PS.Blog"

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reko1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

yesssirrr cant wait!
also i want samurai showdown,the king of fighters, heck i want all of them lol.

HaveAsandwich1474d ago

king of the monsters! so many quarters spent..

Deep-throat1474d ago

I want The King of Fighters '99 Evolution

KoF 1999 is my fav and I want the best version on the PS3!

NarooN1474d ago

Been playing this game with a friend on PC, the game is hilarious but also ridiculously hard, haha. Well worth the money.

Ingram1474d ago

I don't know how to feel. these are usually ports of bad ports, with horrible input lag and visual glitches or forced filters or interpolation, like the ps2 versions of kof and metal slug. Original hardware and emulation is still miles ahead, why is this?

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