PS4 expected to continue outselling Xbox One all year in 2015

Barring a holiday miracle, the PlayStation 4 is poised to win 2014. Despite some missteps along the way, Sony been hard at work cementing its lead over the competition since the beginning of the year, and according to Digitimes, that trend will continue throughout 2015.

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uth111469d ago

unless this is a Pachter prediction, then expect the opposite

Magicite1469d ago

Playstation now is Sony's NR1 hardware.

mikeslemonade1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

PlayStation has outsold Xbox every year since 2005, so why would 2015 be any different? And that was because the PS3 didn't come out until 2006. I'm pretty sure the Xbox 360 outsold the PS2 that year.

4Sh0w1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Sure the ps3 launched late but I'd say the 360 did very well snatching a huge market share from the previous dominance of the ps2. In fact just before the start of this gen xbox 360 reached 80mil sold in Oct 2013 while ps3 hit the same milestone in Nov 2013, yes that means ps3 sold better over its lifetime= http://www.trustedreviews.c... I can't tell you how many times since waaay back in 2012 or earlier I heard on n4g that ps3 sales had surpassed 360 sales by 1, 2, 3mil along time ago depending on which n4g expert was sharing made up worlwide sales #s.

So it was virtually a tie for install base which means microsoft succeeded in grabbing a very healthy/even market share from sony coming off a ps2 that sold a conservative 120 mil consoles to the original xbox 25mil. What's more impressive is that Microsoft accomplished this while the 360 basically flopped in Japan and had lower sales in every market besides the US and UK which happen to be 2 of the biggest of course. So although I'm sure micro wants to do better in worlwide and of course Japan based on last gen it isn't a necessity to have a relatively close marketshare compared to ps4.

This is why Microsoft must be aggressive in the US and UK...Canada & Australia were also strong small markets I think microsofts online strategy plays well in these areas but again the lions share of their sales will no doubt come from US & UK so although ps4 may sell more in total worlwide the difference could be marginal if micro can sustain better sales like this: X1 has been on fire with the lower price, I suspect many wanted to check out X1 nice library of games so it was a great deal they couldnt pass on, who knows if that will continue after the holidays though.

WickedLester1468d ago

Based on what? Or are you one of those gamers who thinks the US is the world market?

uth111468d ago

based on most articles that quote "industry analyst", that analyst turns out to be Pachter, and that Pachter has made some spectacularly bad calls.

It's a joke more than anything

BG115791468d ago

If Patcher say that PS4 is winning, then Sony should get worry...

Death1469d ago

The Playstation has outsold the Xbox every year the two have been available on the market. With the PS4's success since launch I don't see why anyone would think this will change. If the recent trends are any indication, the difference between the two will decrease, but the PS4 will always stay ahead.

the_dark_one1469d ago

"If the recent trends are any indication, the difference between the two will decrease"- i think you mean increase, but that just me

Death1469d ago

The amount of console difference will increase, but the percentage will decrease.

Eonjay1469d ago

In the US and UK perhaps the Xbox One and PS4 will split the market. But for the rest of the planet, it looks like a landslide for the PS4.

showtimefolks1469d ago

That is to be expected, ms can keep the price at $350 in hopes of selling more but than in return loose more money. They weren't making a profit at launch so what make people think now they are gonna make a profit at huge discount

I think the real competition will be between wiiu and Xbox one

Ps4 will remain at #1

Here is a fun fact:

Playstation consoles have always outsold the Xbox console whenever they were or are in the market at the same time. So nothing new

darthv721469d ago

Here is another fun fact. The Xbox was not released to overtake the competition in any way, shape or form. It was released to create a brand and MS have successfully done that.

There are currently 3 platforms released with the Xbox brand to Sony's 6 platforms with the Playstation brand. (7 if you count the new PSTV)

Then you have other companies who's name IS the brand. IE: Atari, SEGA, Nintendo.

jebabcock1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )


Actually even Phil Spencer said that their goals were to be number 1 and not settle for second best. Seriously... what company aims to just exist? Darth that is your opinion...and there is zero evidence to support it... more evidence supports the brand has diminished. Some might say it is even the reason the console is suffering.

That being said it doesn't mean not being the most sold makes it unsuccessful. Maybe that is what you meant to say. Even nintendo has had measures of success despite the significantly lower sales at the moment.

At the end of the day it is about profits.. not about a name.

N4g_null1469d ago

Darth is right. It all stems from sony claiming they wanted to make an os and take on ms. Actually sony is playing into their hands.

sYRes1468d ago

What are you talking about Both the PS4 and Xbox One are making money. This was the first gen that the consoles actually made money straight from launch. That is why we have two shit boxes and not something comparable to PC's. All generations before never made money till late in there cycle because when they first came out they were on par with that gen's top pc components. I hate PC gaming, but the consoles are so far behind I am seriously thinking of building one to game on from now on.

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Spotie1469d ago

Why would you assume a holiday bundle/price cut-infused boost would represent the new trend, rather than a temporary condition like any other person with good sense? Why not come to the more logical conclusion that as soon as the holidays are over, things will go back to the way they were, or that Sony would neutralize the difference with their own price cut and soon to be released exclusives?

Really, it doesn't make much sense to figure the past few weeks represent a new trend in XB1 sales.

Death1469d ago

Perhaps it's because I have seen everything Microsoft has done to repair the damage from the reveal over the past year. While price has been a huge obstacle in itself, Microsoft didn't get to the point they are today by simply taking $50 off their system. Phil has made many needed changes and we have seen some very good games released.

Spotie, I know we agree on pretty much nothing, but if you look at the past few months the sales difference in the US and UK between the two has been decreasing at a pretty good rate. Your good sense and logic are yours, not mine and not necessarily that of the majority. I would think logic would dictate Microsoft leaves the pricing at $350 and $450 since it seems to be a much better price point for their product. The Holiday bundles won't last and they will start shipping regular SKU's like they have every year.

As for Sony issuing a price cut, that isn't dependent on sales numbers, it's based on profit. If the console sales remain strong there is no reason to cut into profit just so they can say they are selling X amount of consoles more than the competition. Sony exclusives will cause sales spikes, but that holds true for both consoles. Like I said, no one thinks the Xbox will outsell the PS4, but the margin is shrinking which is not a bad thing for anyone.

otherZinc1468d ago

It will change when people realize the PS4 exclusives are terrible to mediocre at best.

Knack, Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, LBP3. The Order 1886 is next, No Online play, No Campaign Co-op play = No reply value.

So yeah, I clearly see things changing.

Christopher1468d ago


First, terrible? We're not talking about Lococycle games here. While it's your opinion, it's a really bad one. On both consoles, the best games by and far have been from third-parties. But to just outright call everything the PS4 offers as terrible or mediocre at best? Seems a bit harsh.

Second, judging an unreleased game based on that criteria? Seems biased to me considering some of the greatest games out there don't meet your criteria. I don't like this trend, and I've seen others agree to it, that every game must have multiplayer or co-op elements. Look at Wolfenstein: The New Order. That was an amazing single player game and is one of the best shooters, let alone games, out this year. But it fails to meet your criteria.

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AngelicIceDiamond1469d ago

I personally see X1 having a hard time outselling PS4 come next year after the regular price comes back.

MS just needs to keep it at 350$ at this point. Its pointless to return back to it now.

BG115791469d ago

Yes but they won't be doing profit. That's the major problem of selling the console at 350$, add the bundles, and it makes it really impossible to have profit. Microsoft also is spending a lot to buy exclusives.
The question, is not how deep Microsoft pockets are, it's more, how much are they going to able of spending until someones on the board says enough.

Death1469d ago

We won't know if that is true until they release their financials. They made a lot of money last quarter, chances are they won't lose it all this quarter, but the margin will surely be less.

XanderZane1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

The PS3 didn't do any profits until 4 years after it launched. So I don't see your point here. Most of the profits come from software anyways and not hardware. This is why Sony sacrificed billions on the PS3 hoping to recover most of it with software sales, HOME, PSNow and PSPlus subscriptions. Microsoft seems to make enough billions elsewhere to compensate for any loses the XB1 makes.

Pogmathoin1469d ago

Honestly though, the real money is made from games sold. Thats what I am lead to believe anyway.

Death1469d ago


You can take a look at both Sony and Microsoft's financials at their respective websites. Microsoft shows a profit last quarter in their gaming division. I'd have to look again, but if memory servers me Sony's gaming division posted a small profit also. Sony did very poorly with the PS3 the entire generation, but there were many outside factors that contributed to this. Between the recession, tsunami, and falling yen Sony took a pretty good beating for 7 years straight. The only profit they posted was after selling off assets to appease investors and that had a temporary effect.

Gamers like to think they are much more relevant than they actually are. Both companies gaming divisions bring in a very large amount of revenue, but the cost of that revenue is very high which is why neither company makes what people think in either division. The synergy both companies are trying to make around their gaming divisions is what makes them good investments. While gaming has a small profit margin, the additional revenue for other divisions helps tremendously. This is why we see Sony implementing music and tv subscription services on the PS4.


Microsoft makes money with their gaming division. They have been for years. The complaints from investors aren't about losing money in gaming, they would prefer Microsoft take the money they invest in gaming and move it to a division with a much lower cost of revenue and in turn higher profit margin. Sony investors say the same thing. Gaming isn't a big profit area, but both companies know the benefits spread to other divisions and both want to diversify.

mickeyweng1469d ago

if ms keeps it at $350, then it's not a "promotion" any more, buyers will be waiting for a bigger promotion.

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BitbyDeath1469d ago

MS would be better off keeping the lower price and taking a loss on console sales and trying to make it up with games IMO.

Outthink_The_Room1469d ago

Exactly. And also Live Subscriptions.

This generation is different from the last one. Sony wasn't charging to play online. So the two console living room with full functionality was cheaper, in a sense.

But since Sony charges for online now, less people are willing to play $100 a year for both. People are going to draw a line in the sand and stick to one, far more this generation than compared to the previous gen.

Muzikguy1469d ago

I've been saying that for a few weeks too. I don't see the X1 selling when the price goes back up. MS has shown how quickly they'll drop the price, they'll drop it again. So why would anyone buy it at a higher price? I don't think people will

mickeyweng1469d ago

Yap, they just spoiled customers ;)

Bathyj1469d ago

The regular price wont come back. At least not for long.

It was their plan all the time. Say its only for the holidays so everyone buys now. Then put the price back the the original but then drop it a short time later because sales will stagnate and they will be able to say they dropped it again because they listen to their fans.

Letthewookiewin1469d ago

There is now way MS would go back to 399$, it didn't start selling PS4 levels until they dropped the price. If they didn't drop it to 350$ and give away games in November it would have gotten destroyed in sales against Sony. It's the bargain system for the holidays after that it will loose momentum.

ABizzel11469d ago

I find it funny that I said several months back that the XBO should be $329 - $349 with a game, in order to compete for market share with the PS4, and use XBL and software sales to make up the loss, yet people nagged, disagreed, and said it would be stupid for MS to take such a loss.

Then MS does exactly what I said, and now it's the general consensus that it was the right thing to do.

Not talking about you Angeliclce just in general.

Anywho, MS has no real choice, but to keep the price at $350 now, because rising the price is going to cause people to hold off again until the $350 price comes back around, and I expect an official announcement no later than Spring (Mar - May).

Letthewookiewin1469d ago

I said that from the very beginning, I said 299$ though, which it actually is if you factor in the price of the games. It's a good system just not at the same price as the PS4, which hopefully MS has learned.

Ch1d0r11469d ago

They can make their money back by making you buy 7 years of xbox life, right?

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1468d ago

Even then, PS4 is probably on its way to have a permanent price drop around mid-year.

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polloloco1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Of course it will , PS4 has every Territory in the world on their side, while xbox only has NA and even in NA it is split down the middle.

Only way xbox will be able to compete this gen is to keep under cutting PS4 by atleast 20-25%.

kalimero21469d ago

ending september 30th gap was around 6 million. it will only get bigger.

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