IGN: PS3 Game of the Month: June 2008

With all the videogames released each and every month, it can be a difficult task to decide on which title to spend your hard-earned money. Granted, you could always go by our review scores alone and weed through the long list of names to find something that scored high or low, but what if you had somewhere else to turn?

IGN PS3 Game of the Month: Metal Gear Solid 4

Why They Picked It: 21 years in the making, and it didn't disappoint. Metal Gear Solid 4 was the final chapter for Solid Snake, and he went out with a bang. In the process, he delivered one of the best looking video games ever released on any console or PC, and left an indelible mark on the industry. MGS4 had stealth and action, and always gave the player the option to choose how to play the game the way they wanted, making it more flexible than any other title in the franchise. It may be the last story for Snake, but it was a hell of a way to go.

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Homicide3817d ago

No surprise there. MGS4 is the game of the month, better yet, the game of the year :)

cmrbe3817d ago

fairly confident it will be IGN's game of the year unless spore,LBP or fallout can get a 11 out of 10 which is the rating IGN wanted to give MGS4. Spore and LBP are really are the darkhorse because they provide something new.

Surfman3817d ago

LittleBigPlanet? I think that game will get a good score, something like 9s out of 10, but wont be game of the year. MGS4 will.

hotshot1273817d ago

ign even wanted to give mgs4 a 11/10.

"is there a game that could merit a 11 because if there is, mgs4 would be it"

Knightmare3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Game of The Decade, anyone?