Destiny: The Dark Below Preview – Stop Upgrading Your Exotic Gear

Destiny: The Dark Below has been previewed by Bungie today, showcasing the variety of changes to Destiny’s gameplay. Changes demonstrated in the preview include: New Legendary Gear, New Rank Commendations, Exotic Talent , New Exotic Upgrading, Crucible (PvP) Changes, Heroics and Nightfall (PvE) Changes and a brand new Raid called Crota’s End.

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ipach1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

you know, people are freaking out about this too much. let's say you had a maxed out legendary prestige machine gun, and you could trade it to become a brand spankin new super good advice (that you'd still need to upgrade), wouldn't you do it? Or what if you had a maxed out simple legendary auto rifle from the quartermaster, but could trade it for a fresh atheon's epilogue? wouldn't you do it, no questions asked?

i think people are just reacting to the idea of re-upgrading, but in reality I think they would totally have no gripes about it if they actually saw how great the gun they were going to get for it was... but i will say, that 7000 glimmer price tag is kinda steep! but they probably noticed that nobody is using those darn booster items and needed to remind people that they work for glimmer farming during missions.

ThatOneRiggaNob1293d ago

lol you don't get a different gun.... you get the same gun back with a higher base damage LOL. That's why people are mad. It can take DAYS to upgrade one exotic and now to get a higher one you have to upgrade them all over again. What they should've done was let all your maxed exotis degrade by 1 node then have you replace that one node for the damage boost. Instead of having to do the whole gun all over again.

Neonridr1293d ago

I guess the bonus is you don't need any energy to upgrade it anymore (minus the final node) but I agree.. how much XP did it take to get an exotic weapon maxed out? Will set you back several days worth of doing bounties, dailies and weeklies.

ipach1293d ago

i was under the impression the next level exotic wasn't going to be literally the same gun, but like some fancy 2.0 version of it, with possibly a different name... this kind of thing is so easy for them to patch (it's about the only thing they've been patching after all), so I'm sure they'll make it all make sense. they don't want us wasting our time in front of caves and running around in chest loop circles it seems, so hopefully they won't force us back into that madness again with this...

Neonridr1293d ago

I'm a little pissed about losing all my progress in any current exotics I have that I want to increase the attack value on, but I guess that is a small price to pay.

I am glad to see that the loot drop rate should be better in the next raid. I just did Atheon today and my reward for killing him was 3 Shards and a Chatterwhite. And other than that all I got was Shards and Energy from the previous chests/bosses. Was very disappointed.

DivoJones1293d ago

Well that's a fairly true statement, but the article is also correct. It's a very bad time to upgrade anything, or do bounties to level things up. Handing in exotics for new versions wipes their xp, and legendary items are going to be outdated by newer legendaries that also use the same components to upgrade. Not to mention the money (glimmer) cost involved and the seemingly low cap on maximum glimmer. It's not hard to make, but it's not particularly quick either.

averagejoe261293d ago

I don't understand.

Deej already said there's an advantage when boosting a fully leveled up exotic as opposed to one with less/no experience.

So you don't want to stop upgrading your exotics. Terrible advice in this article by someone who clearly didn't understand (or probably didn't even read) the update notes.

Neonridr1293d ago

well if you are using XP and materials to upgrade your exotic weapon now and then will lose all that progress once you "boost" your existing exotic to the new damage levels what benefit are you going to get out of it? You still lose all that XP and materials..

Orpheo1293d ago

Yeah, the whole process of wiping your exotics is utterly horrible. About half an hour ago I uninstalled by digital collector's edition that comes with the season pass.

What's the point in leveling anything when I'll just have to do it again with each new update? I quit "Destiny."

Lawboy21293d ago

What makes me mad is I have 204 ascendant bungie I haven't played the game in over a month I was saving my ascendent energy for the DLC but I guess here worthless now...and I know u can use them on legendarys and but wow

MajorGecko1292d ago

im scared to turn on destiny now