10 Console Games with the Best Graphics in 2014

CraveOnline: "It might take time to develop good-looking games on new hardware, but several developers showed in 2014 that gamers don’t have to wait long to see the potential of their new consoles. It’s been one year since the Xbox One and PS4 debuted, and two since the Wii U entered the market, and we’re already beginning to see graphics that simply weren’t possible in the last generation of consoles."

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NerdStar71473d ago

inFamous: Second Son looks great.

mikeslemonade1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

In 2014, so Ryse isn't in my list. I haven't played Far Cry either.

1. Infamous Second Son
2. Sunset Overdrive
3. AC Unity (suprisingly a very good looking game when traversing roof tops and good quality textures even on the common people walking around the city)

JonnyBigBoss1473d ago

When my Dad walked in to say hi and saw me playing inFamous, it was the second time he had ever been shocked at video game graphics. The first time was with Uncharted 2. True story.

ThatOneGuyThere1473d ago

my dad's mind was blown when he saw me playing madden 2001. "i didnt know they were playing today....wait, what?!" and then later for gran turismo 3.

Paytaa1473d ago

I remember when my dad and I played Gears of War 2 co-op campaign years ago he was blown away by those graphics. Can't wait to see his reaction if he sees me playing Uncharted 4 or even the new Gears of War xD

we4201473d ago

Same mom is always like "Damn this looks like a movie!"

Dynasty20211473d ago ShowReplies(1)
herbs1473d ago

I cannot take this list seriously because it does not take the performance of the graphics into account. Assassins Creed Unity is beautiful in still shots but the game runs too crappy to even be considered. Infamous obviously deserves to be on the list but not having a rock solid framerate (30s-60s) should disqualify it from first in my opinion.

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HeMan761473d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition second best looking game with Unity after Ryse.Unity is looking insane on XO;)

MasterCornholio1473d ago

Unity looks the same on both.

Why mention Ryse?

Only asking because this list is about this year not last year.

Maxor1473d ago

Dragon Age Inqusition should top this list.

JonnyBigBoss1473d ago

I had issues with the textures. There were times that the game looks outstanding, but it was rough around the edges.

I think if I removed any of these I would receive backlash, so pretend it's top 11 and toss in Dragon Age: Inquisition for good measure.

s8anicslayer1473d ago

Dragon Age also has some lighting issues

TheFanboySlayer1473d ago

They have a pic of forza in place of Driveclub in the list.....

JonnyBigBoss1473d ago

Fixed. Sorry about that. It's been such a long day. :(

Illusive_Man1473d ago

sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizons 2

WickedLester1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Ryse was 2013. And sorry, you may like the game better but no way in hell does FH2 have better graphics than Driveclub.

Bobby Kotex1473d ago

Do you own both games? Because I do. Driveclub looks great but not much better than Forza Horizon 2.

MRMagoo1231473d ago


So you are agreeing drive club looks better in your comment which is what he said , why even comment at all ?

BiggerBoss1473d ago

Ryse isnt 2014, but yes it looks incredible.

Havent played SSO, from what ive seen the graphics are good but nothing groundbreaking.

From a graphics perspective, how can you even think of putting FH2 in place of Driveclub??

Your bias is definitely showing

Revengeance1473d ago

1. Ryse isn't a 2014 game
2. Infamous Second Son outclasses Ryse in the graphics department in EVERY way. FACT!!!

Anyone wanna try and prove me wrong?

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