Game Breaking Glitch in Wind Waker HD

Watch this game breaking glitch in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The results are really creepy.

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sliceofmike1325d ago

Pretty scary stuff honestly. Imagine if in every vidya game things just started deteriorating into blackness

LegendZelda1325d ago

I had never seen this glitch before Andy made it. Its creepy

bcornett141325d ago

Definitely an interesting glitch. Very creepy.

gangsta_red1325d ago

Now there's a headline you hardly see about a Nintendo game.

andrewer1325d ago

2014 with games full of bugs, Nintendo had to do their part, even if it's an year old game xD

SUCKxITxEZ1325d ago

Actually this game came out last year. And it's very unlikely someone would stumble upon this accidentally.

TripC501325d ago

I wish it was this hard and obscure to break other games like this.... Then none of them would break if you played it normally.

andrewer1325d ago

@SUCKxITxEZ "Actually this game came out last year". Me: "[...]even if it's an year old game". Did you even read? lol
And I was clearly joking...

Metallox1325d ago

Yeah. Normally in Nintendo games (those ones developed by EAD) you have to look for the bugs. Quite incredible that many games in this year the bugs and glitches found you first.

LegendZelda1324d ago

Agreed. This glitch is not one that any normal player would come across. It requires intentionally trying to bypass a scene from the game.

Summons751325d ago

How exactly was this triggered? I've had this game since launch and beaten it 6 times and never once had this happened.

LegendZelda1324d ago

Have to watch to find out ;)