Crytek Pins Blame For Warface Xbox 360 Cancellation On Microsoft

Following Tuesday's announcement that Crytek will end Warface on Xbox 360 after less than a year, we reached out to the developer for more information. In response, a company representative told us that the decision to cease work on the game came from Microsoft.

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NerdStar71475d ago

I would blame Microsoft too, but still Crytek we want you to focus on gameplay more than graphics. Stop making interactive tech demo's and just make great games!

xer01474d ago

The original Far Cry is the only good game to come out of Crytek.

All the others included Crysis... were ok in my opinion.
Can't comment about war face though.

zeuanimals1474d ago

Crysis 1 was also pretty damn good too.

totallysane1474d ago

I still play Crysis 1 to this day.

starchild1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I don't agree. I have enjoyed all the Crysis games. The first one was the best, but the other three are still damn good games for me.

They also scored well with reviewers, so there are definitely a lot of people that disagree with you.

Oh, Ryse was pretty decent too. It was way better than I was expecting after the way a lot of people bashed it.

I haven't played Warface yet. I don't think it was even made by Crytek's main studio.

badz1491474d ago

Crytek blaming MS? Of course they are. what's new?

NukaCola1474d ago

Crysis 2 is a really great game.

Gaming247allday1474d ago

I played this Game on 360 and it was horrible, it was buggy and the servers were awful, every match was laggy and overall this Game was a mess, i blame this one on Crytek for building a crappy Game, if it had been better it would of been more successful and Microsoft wouldn't of pushed it away

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MCTJim1475d ago

This never has had a huge following on consoles. So I would have pulled the plug too.

TXIDarkAvenger1474d ago

The game was laggy, hit detection was awful, weapons took forever to unlock, and the game looked awful. Can't say I'll miss it, of course I'm speaking only of the 360 version not PC.

RedDeadLB1474d ago

It doesn't look any better on PC. It's a freaking browser game basically.

Qrphe1474d ago

I played it on both, the only thing better was graphical settings and framerate.

warfaceisamazing969d ago

Tf are you talking about. Warface was amazing it took skill and familiarity with the controls. I enjoyed it very much and played it more than I played any call of duty game. The xbox 360 version was not laggy on my console so idk what ur talking about. I didn't spend any money on the game but still got 12 primary weapons so go suk a D.

Dudebro901474d ago

The game isn't very good, so why continue to support it?

G20WLY1474d ago

Because people paid to play it. If it's not hugely popular, it shouldn't be a huge resource drain, so why not let people play as is their right?

This seems like a simple case of 'look after the many, screw the few' - it's money focused, as opposed to customer focused. Frankly, this approach is every bit as poor as the game itself.

Codewow1474d ago

People have paid to play other games that get shut down too. You risk everything when you pay to play an online only game. Once those servers shut off, the only thing you can rely on is the community to compile their own server software and run private servers. That's why I will be fine when World of Warcraft dies.

G20WLY1474d ago

^Very true. Publishers should be bound by contract to provide servers for a minimum amount of time after the game releases. Clearly under a year is not acceptable.

Even this wouldn't really solve the issue, because people could inadvertently buy the game at retail when the servers are about to close - or worse, already have.

At the moment, we rely on companies we buy from to do the right thing by us as valued customers. Perhaps we overestimate our worth in this equation.

wiz71911474d ago

People actually paid to pay that , last I remember it was a free to play game ..

ShowanW1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

NO CRYTEK... 100% of the BLAME is in the fact that everything about Warface sucked...

Controls/mechanics, balance or should I say lack there of.., all sucked...

Nothing about Warface is/was enjoyable...

Crytek, u honestly can't blame MS for CRAPFACE...

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