We're Expecting A Lot Of New Game Announcements This Weekend

Kotaku writes:"you know what's better than video games? Video game announcements. There's always something thrilling about a big surprise reveal and a well-done teaser trailer, even if we might not see the game in question for years to come. That's why we're stoked for this weekend."

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KyRo1444d ago

Does anyone know the UK times for both the VGA and Sony events please?

Stoff1444d ago

TGA: Saturday 1am, PSX: Saturday 6pm

showtimefolks1444d ago

At game awards and sony's event I am hoping for some of these

Sony San deign doing something new, they have a 2nd team and they been at work on something for a while now

Sony Santa monica has 3 teams(use to be 4 with stig's team) so someone has to announce a game. To be honest I would love to just see kratos face on stage and a gam announcement

David jaffe has been talking a lot lately so I expect something out of him, who knows maybe under Sony Santa monica

GG are done with KZ so what's next, their 2nd team has also been quite for a while now

Uncharted 4 gameplay Demo or trailer please please please

No man sky

Kojima showing either something new for MGS or silent hill. Here is the thing I exoect Kojima to not only show MGS5 but we will get a release window too

EA mass effect new

Rockstar or take two announcing something at sony's event, it only makes sense. The system that helps R* become what they are today and their awesome/ curious relationship with Sony

UBI showing more of Division or rainbow six

Something big from capcom

This has the feel of E3 and who knows we may get some huge reveals

Here is my wish list that has very little chance of happening

RDR for next generation and pc
New mafia game
Sequel to spec ops the line
New borderlands game for next gen
Midnight club LA
Need for speed underground with all the options of ps2 games
New prince of Persia or beyond good and evil

New game from Sony bend

Just very excited and I hope this time my excitement and hype is met unlike E3

aussie_01121444d ago

New mafia game sounds good :)

Relientk771445d ago

I'm hoping we see a lot of new games this weekend

Palitera1444d ago

You are going to be SO disappointed with the reality slap...

You are expecting something that simply doesn't happen anymore.

Rimeskeem1444d ago

If they show gameplay of Uncharted 4 I will be happy with the event

fdkenzo1444d ago

Indeed it will be perfect, but i hope that they anounce and an Uncharted trilogy remastered....and will be more perfect....

Eonjay1444d ago

PlanetSide 2 beta launch date will be revealed this weekend.

KwietStorm1444d ago

Completely forgot about that. Do you think it will be this month?

Eonjay1444d ago

Yes. The stream today said they will let us know if it will be on console in time for Christmas this weekend at PSX. So yeah, the beta will launch in the next 20 days more than likely.

MasterCornholio1444d ago

I'm guessing Sony will announce something for December. Its probably going to be that and I'm also hoping they will announce the release of The Witness which is a game that I'm looking forward to.

ricochetmg1444d ago

Plz not another indie rush.

Rimeskeem1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

But i would love to here more about No Mans Sky, The Witness, and Rime.

Not saying that having an Indie rush is a good thing but hearing from the bigger indies would be nice.

JimmyDM901444d ago

Plus Wild and Hellblade.

MasterCornholio1444d ago

Emagon might also be an indie as well. I hope its a game though.

JMyers1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Wild, HellBlade, No Man's Sky, RIME, The Witness...?

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