Super Nintendo Game Prices Were Completely Insane

Retrovolve takes a look at the high cost of Super Nintendo games.

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1nsomniac1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I paid about £40 for all my SNES games.

Those were the days though when we used to get honest reviews & games were the full thing. Working fully out the box with no issues & nothing cut out to be re-sold to you again afterwards.

Ultr1447d ago

Hmm these games still exist, I've been playing them all year

crusf1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Shaq Fu $69.95 ?!!? Good god... Worth every penny.

Muzikguy1447d ago

I bought that game. Not sure I'd like to pay that same price for a fighting game like Shaq Fu again :)

Agent_00_Revan1446d ago

I found it in a $1 bin at KB Toys not long before they went under, along with some other Genesis games. Lol

kurruptor1447d ago

Most games were like $50. Which still is a lot for 20 years ago.

XanderZane1446d ago

That's what I paid for more of my games was $50. I could buy used games from Blockbuster or get them from bargain bins for less then $30. If you went to stores like Virgin Music Store or Sears, you were going to pay $65 or $70 for a $50 or $60 game cartridge. You just had to know where to buy your games from.

DoggyBiscuit1447d ago

Damn my mom paid that much for those games good thing I got good grades as a kid

Muzikguy1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Yes prices were high back then. I remember some being over $100 at release. Funny thing is though, they still sold! The games were worth it too. Also, you didn't have the internet where all the answers and videos of the games were kept. It was a challenge, and a fun one. Times are different now. Prices may have dropped on games, but they're obviously selling more than they did 20 years ago. Seems to me it balances out

Edit: IMO games get released often to capitalize on people losing interest in previous games and buying new ones. The word "consumer" really has that meaning now... We consume a lot more and a lot faster nowadays

iceman061446d ago

Agreed. I can remember being interested in Sim Ants when it released. The guy at Funcoland rang it up and it was $120. Needless to say that I lost ALL interest in that game. There were some timeless classics that would have been worth it. But there were also some crappy releases, as always, that sneaked in at that price as well.

Muzikguy1446d ago

Those Squaresoft games were costly but well worth it IMO. I remember Funcoland! Amazing place :) GameStop has nothing on it!!

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