20 Years of Play – My PlayStation Memories

NGB wrote: "December 3rd 1994. East 17 were number one in the UK singles chart with Stay Another Day, Blackburn Rovers sat at the top of the Premier League table and yours truly was just 10 years old. It was also a Saturday, but that’s not what this article is about. It’s about a special day in gaming history. Yes, that’s right. On Saturday December 3rd in 1994, Sony launched the PlayStation in Japan. The rest, as they say, is history."

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Herbert11472d ago

I remember buying the playstation on launch day with Ridgeracer and Wipeout. Although ridge racer only had one track I spent hours on that game trying to beat my lap records and I still play it sometimes to this day.

WeirdShroom1472d ago

Who else took the disc cover off their Playstation so you could watch the disc spin? I used a glob of clay to hold the button down that allowed it to do that...what did you use?

JimmyDM901472d ago

I'll never forget Battle Arena Toshiden and 2xtreme.

Does anyone remember when gaming magazines used to come with game demo discs inside?

Pillsbury11472d ago

I do, and I played the hell out of that metal gear solid demo over and over.

MRMagoo1231472d ago

Mate I remember when games magazines used to come with cassette tapes full of games lol

I loved getting the demo discs in the mail from sony when you registered your playstation via mail, I got a bunch of fun memories from those discs.

chrissx1472d ago

I got my ps1 with the demo disc that had code name : Tenka, Abes odyssey and porsche challenge as playable, then with some videos like soul blade. What an amazing experience it was

MRMagoo1231472d ago

Did you have the demo disc that had the dinosaur tech demo on and the underwater one where you played as a whale and stuff

chrissx1472d ago

Yea, it was the same cd ! Rly cool stuff

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