Sony: 'No plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3'

In response to a purported sceenshot showing PS2 game downloads for PlayStation 3, Sony says the image "must have been mocked up by an excited consumer."

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LiquifiedArt3819d ago

What kind of photoshop idiot would include "Fantavision" "bouncer" etc... Only Sony CORP. would put those suckers up there as an initial release. If it was a FAN MADE PIC... it would have Finaly Fantasy, God of War, etc...

I do believe its Real.

TheUsedVersion3819d ago

Hell they can't even give us PS1 titles so I am not holding out any hope for PS2 titles any time soon. They could have so much of my money if they would only provide me the games I want.

mikeslemonade3819d ago

Lets just say whenever Sony said "no plans" for something that something had some chance of becoming real. It isn't the first time they have said it and they always say that for rumored price drops.

mistertwoturbo3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Well aren't PS2 games at least 4-5gb's? That'd be a nice long download...

oh and they need to just bring FF7 to the PSN already. I'd get that in a heart beat.

instantstupor3819d ago

The one thing that makes me think that it would happen is that Microsoft offers Xbox Originals and I think Sony would have it in mind to offer the same (PS2 Originals if you will). Halo clocked in at something like 2 GB, so they show that size isn't necessarily a constraint. I think it could be in the works, but something tells me this image is probably fake. PSOne games have the download size in parentheses under the name and price, where these PS2 games don't. It's a small thing, but it seems inconsistent.

mikeslemonade3819d ago

That's right if 360 can do it PS3 can do it. And I remember dowloading some 2 gig size demos which isn't far from 4 gig. Anyway the size isn't the issue. It's probably because Sony wants to increase the life of the PS2. They still want people to buy the PS2.

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Fisher3393819d ago

sry I doubt it, at least not until.....

Sony releases the PS4 or a PS3 with a 250gb HD.

ps2 games are simply just too big, The HD would fill up to fast

Blackcanary3819d ago

Dude sony would do it to the point u can upgrade ur PS3 HDD with a PC SATA 2.4 PC NOTE BOOK 400GB HARD DRIVE OR IS THAT SOME THING U FOR GOT.

juuken3819d ago

Well that's a really good photoshopped image then.

Crazyglues3819d ago

Dam it, Dam it... Dam it..... I mean, Come on' I was so excited and all for nothing...

juuken3819d ago

I still think it might be true and Sony probably doesn't want to let anything out yet.

PirateThom3819d ago

Sony never respond to things that are wrong, but they always deny rumours that are true so they can announce them themselves.

It's coming.

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