PlayStation 3, Wii Prices Falling Online

The recently-launched PlayStation 3 and Wii game consoles remain popular on Internet auction sites, but the price they are fetching is falling as launch-related hype dies down.

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Monchichi0254376d ago

Seems like interest is already starting to fall for these overhyped systems.

Tut4376d ago

Not interest. Volume is too high to justify the seller price, which forces them to reduce prices or receive less bids.

Only the most hardcore and rich (or stupid) people would buy Ebay when prices are $2500 for an originally priced $600 piece of machinery. I am happy a lot of people decided to attempt to Ebay their machines, it almost seems that it made the consumer smarter.

TMoney4376d ago exactly what the PS3 console and it's launch lineup turned out to be. One very good exclusive game is all the PS3 has so far. What a terrific way to spend $700.

It may be too early to hear the fat lady sing but I definitely hear the orchestra warming up.

PS360WII4376d ago

Wii is going down in price on ebay because Nintendo is still shipping more units out each week

Tut4376d ago

My Fred Meyers just got another shipment in this morning.

Yay for the Wii!

Odiah4376d ago

If they are big enough fans to buy a console for $1000 then you really would have thought they'd pre-order one.

MicroGamer4376d ago

That has to be the best comment I have seen so far concerning all these idiots who pay huge bucks on ebay. Just go to Gamestop and make a downpayment in advance of release. You still may not get one on the first day, but you will be guaranteed to get one as soon as your name comes up on the waiting list and you can take the money you saved and get some games or maybe a better TV to play on.

BIadestarX4376d ago

Well, who says they are smart enough to think about that?