Broken Games and Broken Promises: This is Gaming in 2014/2015

Broken and glitched out games fresh out of the box are a sad reality in the current gaming landscape. How much longer will this trend continue and how much more should gamers have to put up with? Is it too much to ask that a product work after you've paid $60+ for it?

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coreyweb1442d ago

It's because the consoles were released a year early.

Death1442d ago

If anything the consoles released a year late. Last gen was much longer than any previous. I believe we are getting more and more incomplete games since devs know they can release a game "on time" and finish it with an update later on since so many of us are online with our consoles. My question is what happens to those that buy these games and don't have an internet connection to complete them? It's a shitty practice I would like to see eliminated very soon. Unfortunately I see games going all digital with required internet connections before we see completed or bugless games at launch. :(

1442d ago
Cream1442d ago

The gamers should fire off a Class Action Law suit against the game industry the next time the industry lies about things like... dedicated servers. That would benefit gamers greatly.

mydyingparadiselost1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

The industry should not only continue to release broken products, but EMBRACE them! A game full of glitches that is made for the expressed purpose of being glitchy would be amazing. Stuff like the faceless in Unity is the best part of the game, why take that away when you could push it to the max and make it a regular feature.
This is a joke, by the way. Well, kinda...

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