The James Bond 007 Gaming Franchise Deserves to Live Another Day

James Bond has been absent from the shooter scene of late. Isn't it time that the video game franchise lived another day?

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-Foxtrot1474d ago

We should see his return but the thing is they wouldn't be the same

There is two problems

1) Crappy developers always work on them

2) They try and tie into the upcoming films plot with the current Bond

Only thing I can think of is if someone like NaughtyDog for their new IP do a Spy game and take their inspiration off James Bond like they did with Indiana Jones for Uncharted. Would be awesome if the games had their own theme song aswell.

robtion1473d ago

Yep they need a good developer and they should go retro and base it of a Sean Connery bond, Aston Martin DB5, vodka Martini, pretty ladies, and some old school charm.

Relientk771474d ago

Agent Under Fire, and Nightfire were awesome. Just make another bond game like those.

Halo2ODST21473d ago

& Goldeneye, agent under fire was meh, nightfire was boss

NerdStar71473d ago

From Russia With Love was pretty sick, used to love playing PvP split-screen with the jetpacks and a golden gun!

KnownAsEpic1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Sony makes 007 movies! Why don't they make the games themselves too?

juaburg911473d ago

Get Rocksteady to work on one! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.