Software of Today Vs. Hardware of the Future

We're almost halfway through this generation, if you go by the "five year cycle" rather than the "ten year lifespan." We have made many friends, formed identities with Gamertags and even Friend Codes, bought many downloadable games and features, we've gathered countless Achievements, we'll gather many Trophies, and we still don't even have Home yet.

Kombo's David Oxford asks whether or not, when the generation after this one starts, if any of it will even matter at all.

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henneste3816d ago

It's a shame really, to think about this already. I feel like the best is surely yet to come for my current console, and I've begun to amass the personal accomplishments, friends, and downloadable material that will make me want to transfer my identity to the next console. You would think that transferring a gamertag or PSN ID, including trophies and achievements, should not be all that difficult. Let's hope they do that this time around. We can transfer our own hard drive information to the new console.