Five Amiibos Nintendo Needs to Make

Amiibos are becoming a big deal. Nintendo fans are excited about upcoming line of Amiibos. Here's five suggestions for figures we want to see made.

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rbailey1267d ago

A very interesting read and I feel like alot of these should have already entered the development phase. With the Captain Toad game out now, I'm especially curious why this amiibo doesn't already exist. Perhaps Nintendo will release that later but def wouldn't have hurt them to drop it now.

kirbyu1267d ago

It's because right now they only have amiibo for Smash Bros. characters. I feel that they'll soon make amiibo for other games and Captain Toad will be one of the first ones.

gametipcenter1267d ago

Waiting for my favorite Nintendo character of all time.. Birdo!

yamelmegames1267d ago

I want a Princess Ruto Amiibo that does nothing except yell at you to pick her up and gets lost if you don't interact with her every 2 minutes.

BionicRogue211267d ago

Haha and she will be sitting down just waiting to be picked up!

DirtyLary1267d ago

THe only Amiibo I will buy is Wario.

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