Black Tusk making 'massive progress' on Xbox One Gears of War

Black Tusk Studio is making "massive progress" on its upcoming Gears of War title, Xbox head Phil Spencer has teased.

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Adexus1469d ago

Current-gen Gears of War, cannot wait!

christocolus1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Im so pumped for this.cant wait to see what Rod and the team have done so far. Gears running on UE4 on Xbox one will be a sight to behold.

343i and Black tusk you guys better show me some really amazing stuff at E3 2015......

Mr Pumblechook1469d ago

And he says this during the weekend of all the PlayStation Experience celebrations? A tad rude.

He must really want people to not forget the Xbox!

FriedGoat1469d ago

Gears to me will never be past it's prime. I just hope they go back to hardcore GOW and none of this causal BS that was in judgement.

stiggs1469d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

"And he says this during the weekend of all the PlayStation Experience celebrations? A tad rude."

Please tell me that this is your attempt at sarcasm.

stiggs1469d ago

@ mikeslemonade

You're not even trying anymore.

iNFAMOUZ11469d ago

cool b8 m8 i r8 8/10

u4one1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

HAHA thats weird. Mikeslemonade is hating on xbox exclusives.... so let me ask... are God of War, Infamous etc past their prime as well? or does that only apply to xbox exclusives? ive never seen such extreme bias as i do on this site. its obnoxious. at least more people seem to call it out now. thats a positive sign. and just for the record so theres no confusion.... i'm a fan of the games mentioned as reference.

AngelicIceDiamond1469d ago

And the game will look bloodfest beautiful.

Along with Gears Of War Marcus Fenix Collection next holiday? Looks like its Gears time now next year and next year.

GameNameFame1469d ago

It is good to hear they are making good progress, but you guys do know Epic is not making it, but Black Tusk is.

So far, literally all their project has been canned or shelves to date. When the sequel is not made by original devs who made it so great, it loses it's charm a little.

Just look at Halo 4. Still great game, but score mid 80s on meta compared to 90s all the previous Bungie Halo.

Look COD MW to WAW. Score drops.

Look at Little Big Planet 3. Again, studio change and quality drop.

This is especially true if game is made by a dev who is not proven. I am just laying out the facts, don't shoot the messenger.

Kal0psia1469d ago


I can see you're trying very hard.

Halo2ODST21468d ago

Hopefully 343 won't mess up again

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tgunzz1469d ago


VforVideogames1469d ago

Wait ... did you say GEARS OF WAR or GEARS OF WAR? cause I heard GEARS OF WAR!!!!!

XanderZane1469d ago

I'm psyched and pumped up for this game. Can't wait for the reveal. I hope they show something at the E3. This game, Crackdown, Halo 5 & Tomb Raider should own the E3 next year.

Halo2ODST21468d ago

Watch out for halo 5, with halo 4 being a cod rip off & the mcc still broken

lifeisgamesok1469d ago

Black Tusk was already getting familiar with Unreal Engine 4 before they started work on Gears

This game is going to look unbelievable

hello121469d ago

Best multiplayer last gen. One of only a handful of games i can play nonstop and not get bored.

HeMan761469d ago

The legend is coming back from the hands of very talented devs.Pretty sure that going to kill everything as visualy and online.

MasterCornholio1469d ago

Kill everything visually?

I dont know about that there's plenty of competition from PC and first party developers like Naughty Dogs.

Doesn't change the fact that it will look great though.

Fireseed1469d ago

Oh so NOW it's ok to rope in PC games right? Any other time and everyone throws a "PC master race" hissy fit.

MasterCornholio1469d ago


I never had an issue with PC games.

I'm not talking about the whole PC master race thing either.

Everyone knows that PC is the most powerful platform and PC has its own set of good looking exclusives just like consoles do.

For the PS4 I believe that Uncharted 4 will look amazing. For Xbox One I think Halo 5 will look fantastic as well. As for PC the Witcher 3 will look incredible.

In conclusion, all three platforms will have amazing looking games this year.

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