Is It Okay to Give Pre-Owned Games for Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner it can be a tough time buying presents for all your friends and family. There’s mixed opinions about buying second-hand video games for others and a lot of people wonder "is it okay to give pre-owned games as gifts?"

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annoyedgamer1475d ago

I did once, I couldn't afford to buy new. I cleaned the case smudges as best I could and gift wrapped it.

MRMagoo1231475d ago

I get my son second hand games often for bdays xmas and other presents , the main reason is I can get him more games that he wants just cheaper, I dont think he would want it any other way.

ShinMaster1475d ago

If the disc and case are in good condition, I say why not.

ArchangelMike1475d ago

Pretty much yeah. If the disc is clean and the case is in good condition then what's the difference. You play the game not the packaging.

mandf1475d ago

With out a doubt. Growing up poor any game was better than no game. I would have been happy with a rental pass for a game. It's not ideal for everyone but to totally disagree with it is snobbery.

NerdStar71475d ago

As long as they're not damaged much and not super cheap I am okay with it.

DEEBO1475d ago

That's a dumb question, is it ok to give a 17 a used car for or you're old car for xmas?

How about that used house with the 4 beds 3 baths that you found on the market for cheap?

The answer is yes it's ok just ask,gamestop,Amazon, wal-mart and bestbuy lol

KwietStorm1475d ago

Could you rephrase your first question?

ShinMaster1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

[ rhetorically ] Is it OK to give a younger relative a previously owned automobile for Christmas?

KwietStorm1475d ago

You've only got one more chance to learn, Grandma.

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The story is too old to be commented.