Far Cry 4 vs. Grand Theft Auto V: Which Game Should You Spend Your Money On?

WGTC writes: Yes sir, in an historic move akin to Italy switching sides during World War II, Grand Theft Auto V now let's you do the 'theft' bit using the eyes inside your own character's head. Now it's all well and good floating around behind your avatar like the Lakitu Bro from Mario 64, but the simple change of perspective actually marks GTA out as a whole new experience - something more visceral, more involving. The option to play it this way also satisfies the marketing guys, as it brings GTA into the realms of the FPS - the most popular genre in the universe right now.

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masterfox1472d ago

GTA 5 if you haven't play it like me but if yes hmmmm awww Far Cry 4? hmm I don't like Ubisoft right now so I really don't know, new patch of FC4 downgraded the lighning effects. I will get FC4 until is freaking cheap.

mandf1472d ago

Buy both. You can't go wrong with either.

nucky641471d ago

I got far cry 4. I've played gtav on ps3 and wanted to try a far cry game. I've enjoyed FC4 a lot....still going to pick up the ps4 gtav - my friends are saying the first-person mode is a blast.