[Rumor] Next Mass Effect is Current-Gen Exclusive

"BioWare just released Dragon Age: Inquisition on PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One and finally, on PC. This was a huge undertaking for BioWare and the first time they developed across five platforms, let alone the first time they developed a massive open world across so many." - Stealthy Box

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BigBosss1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Mass Effect on current gen would be out of this world. Get it, haa! haa!

No but seriously, cannot wait, I just hope it turns out to be really good!

sobotz1325d ago

I hope it's using Frosbite 3.0 like DA:I, I want to see a current gen-focused frosbite graphic, especially it's a Mass Effect

-Ikon-1325d ago

of course its going to use F3. ME since 1 has been getting more and more shooter like.

sobotz1325d ago

Not all Frosbite-powered games are shooters.

M1ST4K31325d ago

@-Ikon- Learn what a game engine is...It's a framework to build games up on... it has nothing to do with the genre...
You can even make CGI "movies" (cut-scenes) in game engines...

Muzikguy1325d ago

I haven't played these games before. A current gen only version would definitely get my attention though!

jspsc1231325d ago

stop what you are doing and go play them.

Muzikguy1325d ago

I'd love to right now, since I'm at work :P

Arkardo1325d ago

Mass Effect 1 it's one of my most top rated games from last gen along the likes of The Last of Us and Uncharted.

deafdani1325d ago

Last I checked, The Trilogy was dirt cheap across all three platforms. Go get it, dude.

SgtSlaughter2121324d ago

Mass Effect, Uncharted, and Halo (pretty much in that order) are my favorites. Cannot wait for the current-gen versions of each of these.

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showtimefolks1325d ago

Few things:

By the time it comes out like expected in 2016 cross gen would be pretty much dead

But part of me thinks this game isn't as far from release as EA would like us to believe. I think this could be a very early 2016 feel to it

Most big games should be current gen only now, let's please move on

Gamer19821325d ago

This is going to use the engine DA:I used no doubt about it. Making he game a lot easier and quicker to develop. No doubt it will be modified but why use a differn't engine when that one is perfect for the game?? It has everything you need from the ground up they just need to modify it for Mass Effect.

x5exotic1324d ago

I played ME3 without playing the first 2... is that okay?

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lifeisgamesok1325d ago

Please be true

Cross-gen needs to die

Outthink_The_Room1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

People are expecting it to come out in 2016. I don't think we'll see cross-gen at that point. Both MS and Sony will have moved on for 99% of the titles at that point.

Nobody thought this generation would take off as quickly as it has. The games we're seeing have been in development for a few years. It's tough to justify next gen only, when nobody could really have stated for a fact that we'd have as many consoles in homes like we do now.

From a company's perspective, you have to look at what is economically smart based on predictions. But since next gen consoles have been flying off shelves, I think the move to next-gen only titles will definitely start happening from now on.

OB1Biker1325d ago

They confirmed it a while ago to be current gen only

Iltapalanyymi1325d ago

this needs to be true. last gen consoles would really hold this back in current gen consoles.

masterfox1325d ago

I hope so and hearing that is not a damn ugly prequel it got me a little bit excited too.

markyboy21811325d ago

cross gen is summit that should NEVER of happened in the 1st place

Summons751325d ago

Yes, let's alienate the majority of gamers when new gen still doesn't have a huge install base and completely stop making games for those who either can't afford an upgrade or have other circumstances holding them back. Get over yourself buddy. While I'm glad to see more games starting to be current gen only there is nothing wrong with cross gen. The next-gen ports are whats bothering me and a huge reason as to why they SHOULD have backward compatibility instead of extorting more money out of fans.

etownone1325d ago

Too bad for gamers that can't afford next gen...

By the time the new mass effect comes out.. The 360/ps3 would have been out for 10.

So... Again.. Too bad if you can't afford next gen within the next year... But the people that did buy a ps4/xb1 shouldn't be held back anymore.

jspsc1231325d ago

if you cant afford $300 you fail at life

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