Assassin's Creed: Victory - Are We Finally Getting Sick of Game Sequels?

"There seem to be a lot of Assassin's Creed titles running rampant across the games industry lately. Currently, Ubisoft has plans for multiple iterations into its Chronicles spin-off series. We've recently learned that the developer-publisher has plans for its sixth main-series entry, as well. The game is dubbed Assassin's Creed 6: Victory, and offers players the chance to gallavant their way through Victorian England, assassinating bad dudes and doing righteous battle against the Templar threat.

While all that sounds fun, is it getting to be a bit too much?"

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DragonKnight1471d ago

No. See, the idea that one can be sick by more games has 2 problems with it. The first is that it's stupid to be sick of more games. Especially when gamers are always whining about the lack of games early on in console lifespans and also because as a gamer you should always want more games.

The second problem is that being sick of sequels presumes that you're forced to buy/play them and that OTHER games aren't being made AT ALL because of sequels, and that's just false.

If you don't like AC games taking 3 years to develop but coming out every year because of rotational team development styles then by all means don't spend your money on the games. I personally have only disliked AC 3 and so have no issue with being offered more fun experiences. Suggesting "we" are tired of things doesn't speak for me, so again my answer is no.

bixxel1471d ago

Nope.I'm loving literally every AC sequel released.Because I boarded off the hype train and punched the guy who was selling hype express tickets.

starchild1471d ago

Well said, DragonKnight.

The fact that these games continue to sell well means that many people do enjoy playing these games. If they stop appealing to people then sales will drop off and the games will stop being made. It all gets sorted out automatically.

Rimeskeem1471d ago

There are game sequels that people would die for (HL3, new Crash ,etc...) but some franchises are getting really old (CoD, Assassins Creed). If a sequel is done right then it's fine, but if it's is being done because it will make money that is where the problem comes in. I like good new IPs, they bring new revolution to genres and really help innovate the gaming world, especially when done well.

Somebody1471d ago

Yeah. I have encountered FPS fatigues after BF3 and started looking at whatever weird indie games coming my way. I rushed to get to rank 50 in BF: Bad Company 2 mp(took me over a year) just before BF3 came out. In BF3 I played the mp until rank 30 and then got bored which then affected my reaction to other shooters.

Sequel fatigue set in right afterwards. I don't mind sequels that comes around every couple of years as long as they bring new mechanics to try but sequels that come out every year with barely any difference is kinda tiring.

It's no surprise that most of the AAA games that I bought in the last couple of months were new IPs like Shadow of Mordor, Lords of the Fallen, Alien: Resurrection and The Evil Within. In the mean time I gave 2014's barrage of sequels(Far Cry 4, AC: Unity, CoD:AW)a pass.

diesoft1471d ago

I like AC but honestly, Ubi, give it a break. I like to think of game series as thirst. If you're pouring water down our throats all the time, we tend not really DESIRE more of it but when we haven't had that drink in awhile then maybe another cup isn't so bad.

If that was too abstract then here: Oversaturation of ANYTHING is a quick way to kill it.

...except for tacos. You can NOT get enough tacos.

Edi0071471d ago

For me i m a fan on assassins creed game but i m tired of it my last one was black flag they t just milking ac 2 maybe i will buy unity and victory for 15 e max

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