Top 10 Rarest Most Valuable PlayStation Games

PlayStation Gang is doing a series of features. Dennis Patrick is going to go over the rarest and most valuable PlayStation video games. If you’re looking to add toward your collection or just looking to see if you have a rare gem in the video games you’ve picked up, this list may help you out. For now, he is going to go over the PlayStation 1 and mind you that these are not in any particular order.

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Rimeskeem1020d ago

Uncharted 2: Treasure Hunter edition is worth up to $10,000

itBourne1020d ago

OMG i tried so much to get this on release, if only I was making as much money then as I am now = (. I remember going for a midnight release on UC2, there was freaking 6 of us... Then all the press and Game of the Years came, UC3 midnight launch, I think was 57 people, have a video on my old phone.. If only the mass market didn't dictate games. Anyhow, wrong rant lol, I wanted this special edition so freaking bad back then, I still want it = (, tried to buy one about 6 months ago and failed.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231020d ago

Uncharted 2: Treasure Hunter edition was never for sale so your money was worth nothing back then.

itBourne1020d ago

Really? I did not know that. Damn. I thought people put stuff on ebay to sell them, my mistake.

crashbash1020d ago

This is about PS1 games.

thewhiteelephant1020d ago

90% of people on N4G think gaming started last generation.

Rinus4541020d ago

To be fair.. The tags include PS2 for some reason and the title doesn't specify it's about the PS1 exclusively. Based on the title of the actual article, they even purposefully removed the '1' from the title here.

And lastly.. sckipt's comment is still relevant.

crashbash1020d ago


In the description for the article up top it clearly says 'For now, he is going to go over the PlayStation 1'.

MasterCornholio1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

I played so many of those.

-bows down to the adventures of Tron Bone and Hercs Adventures-

TWB1020d ago

I dont know much about valuable or "rare" games but kinda wondering why Tomba/Tombi isnt here. Isnt it like 200-400 $/€ for the first game and less than half for the second game ?