E3-08: Our Best Speculated Top 5 for This Years E3: XboxOZ360

XboxOZ360 discusses what they want to see at this year's E3:
"E3 this year represents why all gamers on all platforms should be thankful for what many call the "console-war", or what we prefer to call here at XboxOZ360-gamer as a little "healthy-competition". The result has meant that gamers of all shapes and sizes are more spoilt for choice now, than at any time in recent history.

"'So given that, instead of trying to merely condense all the wonderful gaming experiences that may or may not be at E3-'08 into a single list, we're going to let the staff speak for themselves and tell you what interests them most, not just for the 360, but also for the Wii and PS3."

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gaminoz3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Do you think E3 will go back to being big again, or as small as last year? I hope they have SOME new game announcements to make it more exciting. Maybe the next Thief game? There were rumours of that game being made.... Or maybe another Hitman game more up to date with this gen consoles? Assassin's Creed 2 details? Or another new exciting IP altogether?

masterofpwnage3819d ago

yes it probably year be the same because each year there loosing more people because of the thing they cut out
boothbabe anybody?

XboxOZ3603819d ago

The rest of the team will be putting their Top Picks up on Wednesday, and we'll be putting the final 5 picks from the team up next week covering all aspects of E3. So stay tuned for that as well. mate.

We have 12 ppl in our team now, so that's just a little too many to lump all in one article, and we all have out top 10 items, so there's more to come. But do pass your comments on the site, or in here, as it will spark further conversation around the whole E3 issue.

leeeeed3819d ago

...that this E3 is going to be a fizzle. Announcements of some of the larger IP's/titles have already happened and it's mostly dates and screens that we're truly salivating for.

Honestly, what mind blowing news can truly happen apart from a sneak peak at the future of console gaming? We've been spoilt in the past and I think this years toned down version will only end in disappointment for most.

gaminoz3819d ago

Yeah, that could be so. I'm still hoping for some surprises...E3, unlike most private announcements, still has audiences watching to see so it is is free publicity for them.

Superfragilistic3819d ago

I'm different. I believe that whilst games surprises are likely from all sides, it's the hardware, pricing, motion controls and online announcements that could be game changing this year. And I'm not just talking about MS. ;)

masterofpwnage3819d ago

i see lots of people underestimating them saying they wont showing anything new.

but trust me they will have lots of stuff.

but seriously dont trustme i just have a feeling.

i just hope they have info on some 06 games lets hope.

like code arms or romance of the 3 kingdoms(i think it was called like that)
the 2 new very secret mind blowing games.

gaminoz3819d ago

I just hope that what they (or anyone else for that matter) show that's new is REAL and not just pre-rendered video that will look nothing like the final product..:)

SL1M DADDY3819d ago

Well, then you have nothing to worry about from Sony considering that they came through for us with Killzone 2. The actual game footage looks even better than the pre-rendered video they showed a while back. Glad to see that at least one of the big three can show a game pre-rendered and hit/surpass that target. Let's hope we see more of that ambition this year!

Godem3819d ago

lets hope some of those titles are announced eh?

gaminoz3819d ago

"Fable 2's ability to ‘talk’ to not just one but THREE XBLA games is an ingenious concept, with money earned through these arcade games going directly into Fable 2. “Mage Dice”, “Wizard’s Tower” and “Keystone” are the names of these titles. But what exactly do they entail? Hopefully E3 will shed some light on the mystery."

Let's hope they are more than the marketing hype some games had pre-release on the internet (They have to be more than the Assassin's Creed website's mini-games for example to get me to pay for them).

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