Halo Q&A--Past, Present, Future

Amid all of the Gears of War, PlayStation 3, and Wii madness this week, a notable date may have missed your notice. November 15 marked the five-year anniversary of the original Halo release. The game hit streets in 2001 alongside the release of the original Xbox and quickly became the system's crown jewel. Developed by Seattle-based Bungie, the first-person shooter left an indelible mark on the FPS genre for consoles with its engaging mix of excellent gameplay and a truly involving story that drew players along.

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BURLY4374d ago

Que Tina Turner:

"You're simply the best"...
...dah, dah, dah, dah...
"Better than all the rest"...
...dah, dah, dah, dah...

And then the crowd goes crazy:


RBlaze4374d ago

he says that 'Halo never punishes you', and its so true. You're never thrown miles back to refight something, you're never forced to do anything you wouldnt enjoy doing. There are great games out there that make you do rubbish things over and over, even GOW (where if you die, you're occasionally forced to watch marcus stand there with his hand on his ear hearing the same info as before). Even in the lower level games you're forced to do things (like in lego star wars 2, if you restart a level, you're forced to sit and watch the story writing pass, then the movie, even though you already saw it!). Its not just the groundbreaking things that happenned in the origional Halo, but those little things that keep you wanting more.
Its that that makes a truly great game, and thats why Halo will always be a great series, coz the formula wont be played, and we'll all keep coming back for more

slugg4374d ago

The largest launch of a videogame ever. I work at a Gamestop, and we took over 1,000 preorders for Halo 2 (3rd highest in the Country). For our midnight release, we had to hire extra security, the Red Bull girls showed up and were handing out free drinks to the people in line-- over 700 by the time we opened! We had so many boxes, with both limited and regular edition copies, that we couldn't get things set and open right at midnight, so I turned the xbox demo-unit towards the windows (the front of out store is all glass) and popped in a copy of the game. When the attract video started playing, 700 hundred people started cheering and screaming at the top of their lungs, and the people up front started pounding on the windows so hard I thought they would break. We were there until 4 in the morning, but I still had to play the first level before I went to bed. Halo 3 will probably be just as insane, and I can't wait!

The BS Police4373d ago

I remember Halo 2's Launch, as soon as I got to my local EB Games at 7:50 AM their was one guy allready in line, I was second, by 9:00 AM their was 100 people lined up, some of hm I knew because I whent to school with them, one guy who I didn't know got to go into the store ealier to ge his copy because he knows th guys who wok thier, they then thre out Halo 2 Balloons, every one in line cheared like a bunch of Grunts.

When they opend thy only allowed 5 customer in at once because of the sheer amount of customers, I got my copy of the limitd edition and left to play Co-op with one of my buddies.

Oh yes, so it turns out two years after Halo 2's launch that guy who got to go in early before the store opened because he knows the guys who work their... I work with him now at my local East Side Marios.

Who new it!?