Kingdom Come Deliverance Running At 17fps On Xbox One After 3 Weeks of Porting, Will Get 'Faster'

Warhorse Studios' Daniel Vávra pleased with the initial results.

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troylazlow1025d ago

This doesn't smell like a slander piece at all...

n4rc1025d ago

Uhhh... It isn't..

He's simply saying they've got it running at 17fps after only 3 weeks and without optimization.. That's pretty good! Not slanderous

Its a PC game.. Its getting ported to consoles..

gameseveryday1025d ago

It's not. It's more of an appreciative piece. Getting a massive open world game running in 3 weeks is amazing. I hope they get it locked to 30 fps.

neoandrew1025d ago

You hope for 30 fps? This is an absolute minimum for a game.

Christopher1025d ago

It's not. You might want to read the article.

troylazlow1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Not going to lie I did not read the article... Just wanted to be the first to post something! lolz

I'll give you a + bubble for calling me out!

Adexus1025d ago Show
ShowanW1025d ago

It's funny how GB tries to know this...

17fps in 3weeks is pretty impressive if you ask me...

Sonital1025d ago

GamingBolt be Gamingbolting..

opooqo1025d ago Show
lolosgolos1025d ago

That's good news. DX12 will make porting from PC even easier

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