Why the Editor-In-Chief of RealGamerNewz Is Quitting #GamerGate

Jon of RGN writes, "Hello everyone. I have something big to announce, and I hope that even if you disagree with this statement today you'll at least hear me out on why I feel this way and am publicly ending my support for #GamerGate as a movement, hash tag, and concept. I'm out of #GamerGate, and truthfully I don't think my heart was ever fully in it to begin with."

MegaRan - "#EndGamerGate" New Song World Premiere in this Post (Embedded Here)

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JoeMcCallister1419d ago

Agreed. There are some rational voices out there in the movement, and there are some good discussions to be had. The other side of that is when the two "sides" start screaming at each other and nothing is accomplished. Meanwhile I just need more tapir hides for this wallet upgrade...

AltairvsEzio1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I Agree with what u have mentioned in the article about India. yes there are many indie developers in India and most of the model designing work is done by developers based in India.Even some of the big developer outsource their work and get the job done in lowest possible cost ;)

Kyosuke_Sanada1419d ago

I quit so everyone should quit.............

TheJacksonRGN1419d ago

Well said bro and that was a pretty good track by Mega Ran.

MoveTheGlow1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

If they could just admit that the movement started with a few people angry at a female dev for copulating, and that it isn't the core of the group now, they could figure this out and get a real movement together. Not every group has to have a bright, happy origin story, it just needs to move on and do better things.

Many people joined GamerGate after the initial stuff happened for great reasons - ethics is a wonderful thing to discuss. However, you're already in an ethical quandary when factions of your group are doing very, very non-ethical stuff. Just make a new group, maybe? Even then, if you're loosely organized and quasi-anonymous, it isn't easy to disassociate yourself from the riff-raff.

It's awesome that authors like this guy are speaking up. I really liked the article, and he brought up some great points about the non-stupid side of the group.

rainslacker1419d ago

I think it's easy to disassociate with the riff-raff, and most GG supporters have to varying degrees. But when the anti-GG group won't let the good discussion be disconnected from the bad, nothing moves forward. I guess the inverse is true as well, but the sexism and misogyny issue has taken a rather cynical turn since GG started, and is not very reasoned anymore from the SJW side. I see very few meaningful articles or discussion on the topic anymore, and it doesn't help that quite a few gamers are lumping the moderate feminist with actual concerns into the extremist that are literally DEMANDING change.

I think the issue that GG is trying to address is an important one, but it continuously gets derailed by topics and accusations which have nothing to do with it, so GG supporters spend more time than they should have to on defending themselves.

I think anti-GG shouldn't be a thing. The GG side and the SJW(which isn't inherently anti-GG) both have important issues to address. They actually compliment each other IMO, but since they seem to be at odds in the media, not useful discussion is forthcoming. Ethical journalism would actually go a long way in helping move along the topic of sexism and misogyny in gaming, because we could get some reasonable articles from people that know what they're talking about.

I will admit that before GG, the topics of journalistic ethics and sexism and misogyny were being addressed without the same kind of finger-pointing nonsense we've had these past 6 months.

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