Left 4 Dead 3 Still Possible

Although Valve has yet to announce anything regarding a possible Left 4 Dead 3, a Turtle Rock developer said he wouldn't rule out the possibility of working on the game.

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ScorpiusX1470d ago

Yeah seeing how the game has never been on PS anything, but you keep that hope alive.

gangsta_red1470d ago

As much as Like the way Evolve looks, I would have rather of had a new Left 4 Dead.

JsonHenry1470d ago

Same. Hell, the whole Evolve game could have just been a game mode in Left 4 Dead. Replace monsters with zombies that adapt and there you go.

Agent_hitman1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I'm a big fan of this game. And I'm sure that PS4 platform will not be excluded this time just like last gen's Xbox 360 exclusivity.

Valve likes Sony these days and in fact there's a Steam support for Playtation 3 owners, it's only a matter of time before PS4 support follows.

BLxMAVERICK1470d ago

When I first saw footage of left 4 dead one, it made me want a xbox 360. Left 4 dead 2 was everything the first was and more. Left 4 dead 3 can do so many things. It can be so perfect considering how many zombie games there are. This game has to be made.

DxTrixterz1470d ago

You all forgot that Valve count to 3.