Dying Light DLC And Season Pass Announced

The release date of Dying light is closing in and Techland now announced the DLC and season pass prices. Dying light will feature a total of 3 DLC and a reasonable price for the season pass.

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nucky641445d ago

sounds like good dlc to me - but the price isn't any better than most dlc out there

Mr_cheese1445d ago

Good dlc or not, I'm not a fan of this practice. The game isn't even out yet andtheexpansionsarealready being talked about? It honestly makes me question what goes on behind closed doors and whether any ofthiswas originally part of the initial game...

nucky641444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I'm not a fan of it either - but, like it or not, it's the way the game companies are doing things. sure, I'm with you that some, if not all, of this dlc could have been in the game - but business model has changed. most companies are doing this now. I was just commenting on the dlc since b1tching about whether dlc/season passes is right or not doesn't accomplish anything. I'd certainly boycott these companies if it would do any good -but it won't because you'll never get enough people to boycott that would make an appreciable difference.

edit: hey everyone - I agree that buying a season pass at or before launch is a foolish idea. but what's with all the comments below that sound surprised/disgusted or whatever??? this is not new....this season pass nonsense has been going on for a few years now.

Mr_cheese1444d ago

Hi nucky,

Unsure where all the boycott talk came from, but I do agree that enough people wouldn't rally behind it. There are different tiers of consumers. Those that ask questions and those that don't.
Besides, I like dlc and extra content, that isn't the issue here. The issue is the way that companies seem to go about it.a lot of them launch the game and dlc closely because its seen as capitalising whilst it is fresh and people are still playing. But look at rockstar and Bethesda. Their expansions are incredible.

At the end of the day, the consumer has the power so if people want to continue to buy regardless, then go for it.

Rimeskeem1445d ago

almost 2 months until the game releases and they are already talking about DLC

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radler1445d ago

Oh hell yeah! DLC and season pass? Nice! Got me real excited for Dying Light now. Can I preorder the season pass? The more money I can throw on unknown questionable content, the better! :)

Palitera1444d ago

This time throwing money on the unknown is a must, since a major gameplay mode will be available only for preorderers. I wonder if it is finally the time when platinum is only achievable for preorderers. Companies would love that and maybe Deep Silver and Warner are pioneering on this.

Well, restricted plat or not, they're already pioneering by removing PVP from the game and allowing only blind buyers to access it.

Agent_hitman1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Too early talk for a DLC of a new game.. I used to think the season pass DLC or whatever you call it is nothing but a pain in the arse in the gaming community.. They could have include that feature on the retail version instead of separating it.

Palitera1444d ago

They even removed PVP from the base game. Why wouldn't they remove more content to sell later?

If anything, we have given a clear proof with Destiny that we LOVE ripped apart games.

HeavenlySnipes1445d ago

Ubisoft has shown us to never buy a season pass

They're non refundable and you won't know how bad it's gonna be beforehand

Destinys season pass was the first and last season pass I'll ever buy

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