Denuvo: SSD Rumor Is False, No System Is Infallible, Striving To Be A Step Ahead Of Pirates

DSOGaming writes: "But what about the rumored crack for Dragon Age: Inquisition? As Denuvo said, no working crack has been released as of yet for any of its games.

Furthermore, Denuvo answered to our open question on whether it will be able to tweak and enhance Denuvo Anti-Tamper in order to fight back the teams that want to exploit it."

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1nsomniac1472d ago

I'm not an expert in these matters but if Denuvo does work the way they themselves claim it does by continuously writing small files containing variable keys that constantly change to match The DRM. Then how can it possibly not damage/waste SSD write cycles??

Psychotica1472d ago

They say in the article they don't do read\write operations to the HD

1nsomniac1472d ago

Ive just read it at the bottom of the article. It's a strange one for sure as several different sources have provided what seems like clear proof that that is exactly what it's doing. I'm pretty sure before all this kicked off there was a brief lamens terms explanation of how it would work that seemed to explain just that as well.

susanto12281472d ago

IF this is the case then I am never buying EVER buying a Denuvo DRM game no thanks...I can live with that there are plenty other games that do not have this...guess DA Franchise is dead too me doesn't matter I won't want Origin anywhere near my some of you got DRM Denuvo and Origins on your guys computers???? horrible just horrible

Psychotica1472d ago

You won't have to since it's not DRM..

madjedi1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Regardless of how denuvo labels it, if it's proven to be detrimental to my hardware components it might as well be legalized malware and it will be looked upon as such.

Meltic1472d ago

Agree. Origin needs internet to actually save this fking game. Sometimes my internet fks up and i dont just wanna play a multiplayer game which this is not only. Those Clouds is a problem with DAI...

anticlimax1472d ago

My game is saved perfectly fine without internet. It just doesn't upload your achievements etc.

hazelamy1472d ago

from the same people who brought you securom.

so you can trust what they say. >_>

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