Titanfall 2 Set To Be Announced For PS4?

Play: "Titanfall developer Respawn's attendance at PlayStation Experience has been confirmed by Sony."

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kingtroy1468d ago

Diffidently curious too see why Respawn is at Playstation Experience very exciting.

Septic1468d ago

Yeah I think its definitely coming to PS4. Like I said in reply to the above comment, I pray that it does so that it not only benefits from a bigger gaming community but also less hatred due to platform antagonism.

I've been playing this almost every day and the players are unjustly low in my opinion. Playing Titanfall after COD: AW makes me realise just how far ahead the former game is in everything, from balancing, smoothness, design and intuitiveness.

I love Titanfall. It has potential to be ever better. As great as the first game is, it feels like a foundation for something more.

kingPoS1468d ago

I know the feeling, sparse lobbies can really bring a multiplayer game down. I don't get why most games won't let you host a session like Warhawk does.

Gateway 6706 2008

LonDonE1468d ago

Agreed i too have been playing it and loving it! for a first game in a new series it clearly demonstrates Titanfall is here to stay! i am sure the sequel will perfect what they already have, the core mechanics are rock solid.
Make no mistake Titanfall will become one of the industries juggernauts, this is a given.

The wall running, the gun play, the balance man the balanced game play is awesome! i love the level designs too, near enough every map is fun to play on, Werther you are wall running or double jumping, Werther you are slugging it out in a titan v titan battle EVERYTHING FEELS RESPONSIVE, SMOOTH AND CRUCIALLY BALANCED!

I cannot stress enough how awesome the nat code is, i never ever lag, i always get 10ms ping to the data centre, and the fact it runs on dedicated servers in my book puts it leaps and bounds ahead of most online shooters!

I would so buy Titanfall goty edition on my ps4 with all the maps included, and with native 1080p locked 60fps with no tearing! i would gladly buy the game again.
People like to shit on titanfall but you can tell the development time was cut early hence why no single player and less content but now after all the updates the game has a nice amount of stuff to do.

Sad thing is allot of people rag on it but have most likely never played the game and hate on it because of the xbox exclusivity deal.
From my very first match i could tell the feel, the pilot mechanics, the titan mechanics, the vertical level designs all were in perfect sync and i knew we would start to see allot more games incorporate similar systems within their games.

From the guys who gave us the juggernaut call of duty, and now Titanfall i say do not underestimate this team! they have made some of the best online shooters in gaming history and i say they can only get better!

Septic1468d ago

"Sad thing is allot of people rag on it but have most likely never played the game and hate on it because of the xbox exclusivity deal. "

Yeah that's why I hate the exclusivity deal struck between MS and EA. I think it hurt the series in the long-run.

Fanboys have proven just how bitter they are with regard to this and the title doesn't deserve the kind of flack it has received. Hopefully once the sequel is out on all platforms, people will give it the love that it deserves. The Sony fanbase is now huge and will give the franchise the continued exposure that the X1 could not.

bouzebbal1468d ago

announcing Titanfall 1 PS4 for December would be pretty fun actually with 1080p display.
Titanfall 2 is happening on PS4, no doubt about that

1468d ago
Septic1468d ago

"announcing Titanfall 1 PS4 for December would be pretty fun actually with 1080p display.

Yeah never mind the game, the resolution disparity will be the fun part.

Lol that quote sums up exactly the kind of thing I was talking about above.

DivoJones1468d ago

Said that to my CoD:AW buddies.. "Playing this really just makes me want to play Titanfall". It sure handled better than AW, not to mention there's no grenade launchers/noob tubes to deal with.

FriedGoat1468d ago

Theres some real love for Titanfall round these parts. I have it on PC and it is shockingly average. I don't even want to experience what an inferior console version plays like.

If it comes to PS4 I suppose its an advantage for those without a PC who want to experience mediocrity.

etown612811468d ago

Agree on every level. I found titanfall on xbox live games with gold for 12 bucks with ALL dlc included. The bots are kind of just fodder and pad less experienced players. I don't know why they couldn't use the AI of other players like forza does, if it does indeed use that it must be the stupidest players on the planet. They all line up to be shot. It does add more action and less downtime, and it's a very minor gripe I have but I'm loving titanfall(just bought an x1). Titanfall 2. Whichever console I choose to get it on will be just as amazing=) add me, time2sh1ne

Unspoken1468d ago

If gamers wouldn't have been so ignorant on their decision for hating Titan for being on Xbox, they would have realized what a great game it is. I kind of hope it doesn't get released for PS4 simply because of the undeserved hatred it garnered.

rocketpanda1468d ago

@unspoken, your comment is just as bad the fanboys you are targeting. Just because some hate was directed at the game for being exclusive is not a valid reason why other platforms should not get it. It is not a first party title. How about let those who enjoy gaming on whatever platform experience the game for what it offers. Forget the fanboys.

ShinMaster1468d ago

@ Septic

Replying to your first comment:
The difference is that Titanfall was full priced at $60 and lacked features/modes for modern standards.
Lack of story wasn't the issue, unless you're talking about Destiny.

user55757081468d ago

financially it makes sense to release the game on the console with the most sales and best multiplatform games

memots1467d ago

I hope its not exclusive. Otherwise the hype will again be unbearable to watch. It will probably become garbage by the same fan who hyped this game to unprecedented level when it came out.

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theshonen88991468d ago

Regardless of the reason, it's nice to see such a variety of developers attending PS experience.

Harold_Finch1468d ago

It's the lack of choice to me, games are quickly losing their ability to let gamers choose what they want. I have just bought Titanfall for a tenner so i hope they don't announce anything lol

The only example i can give is Perfect Dark on the N64, after you finished the story mode, you unlocked a new mode where your friend can pick up a second controller and join your story in order to stop you finishing each level, that was an unlockable mode; there has been a new game announced recently called Get Even, the whole game is that exact mode, the WHOLE game.

Septic1468d ago

"The only example i can give is Perfect Dark on the N64, after you finished the story mode, you unlocked a new mode where your friend can pick up a second controller and join your story in order to stop you finishing each level, that was an unlockable mode;"

I can imagine people moaning about that today; about how stupid it is that you have to complete the story mode to unlock that mode and that it should be available from the start.

Never heard about Get Even though. Cheers for linking that.

Cream1468d ago

Great game... I'm glad it will be on both systems.

Harold_Finch1468d ago

Hahaha yeah, they would difinitely moan about that.

They would moan over a gift in a few years.

Jazz41081468d ago

I live in Las Vegas and tickets for all days are still available. I'm half considering going and recording some of it. What do you guys think?

SmielmaN1468d ago

I would go it I lived there. Tonight though, I will be with my wife at a Our Lady Peace and Bush concert. Vintage rock from my high school years!

Christopher1468d ago

Aren't they streaming all of the events?

XanderZane1468d ago

Respawn is owned by EA, so I don't know why anyone is surprised they are on a panel. Did anyone think they wouldn't be making games on the PS4 eventually? Whatever game they announce for the PS4 will probably end up being shown on the XB1 at the E3 next year. I doubt you'll see Titanfall on the PS4 however unless they combine TF & TF2 into a bundle package sometime in 2016. I doubt it though. Titanfall is great though. Very fun game.

StrawberryDiesel4201468d ago

I would bet they are releasing Titanfall on PS4 early 2015 with all DLC for 49.99

elsuperamigo1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

The xbone can keep this game they need it more and xbox is a console for fps the game sucks anyways everyone forgot about titanfall after like a month of been out beside 2015 belongs to sony,if ps4 kill the xbone in 2014 just wait for 2015 and after what sony shows at the ps experience you guys will know i told you the sad and hard truth

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showtimefolks1468d ago

That could be it or it could be titanfall 1 GOty or complete edition for ps4. But TF2 would be more awesome

Either way excited so much happening at PS event than before I think we get game awards and new world premiers on that too

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PoSTedUP1468d ago

please no 6v6 with a million bots 1080p 60fps.

torchic1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

100% agreed. don't care how Respawn spin it low player counts and bots are things that should not be seen in competitive FPS MPs...

PoSTedUP1468d ago

especially when they have AI worse than a ps2 game. the titans were dope, it would have been better 6v6 without bots on slightly smaller maps imo.

Cream1468d ago

don't change a thing... its a great game.
Give people the option.

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Pandamobile1468d ago

People that complain about the grunts in Titan Fall honestly have no idea what they're talking about. They're not supposed to pose a threat to you, they're supposed to be cannon fodder for you to annihilate with your Titan.

Smashing through a group of grunts is a super-satisfying way to break up the PVP encounters.

lategamer1468d ago

I don't see the problem with both, could you explain?

Bots keep the action going, and decrease camping.

Low player count is not bad at all. Some great, competitive games have low player count, like Halo.

PoSTedUP1468d ago

no problem with low player count for me. jus bots. bots were always for offline play, killzone1, redfaction2, duke nukem 64, time splitters, turok2&3 etc. for me anyways. 4 bots did offline gaming justice. zero bots does online gaming justice. 50 is 50 too many, ha i dont even wanna see 50 real players online to be honest.

PONTIAC08G8GT1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Does anyone understand the purpose of the bots? Not everyone wants to play COD where people master it and then just destroy people all game long who casually play. The bots help those who want to play online and feel like they contributed to the team. One mode is geared towards killing anything that moves. Every other game mode just gives you time off of your Titan build. Majority of the time I don't even kill the bots because I dont want to give away my position and the Spectres take a lot of damage before dying. When you're in a Titan they will fire at you. When they get an objective, they will talk about incoming enemies. You can hack Spectre's and have a small army following you around. The bots work perfectly fine.

And you can't take the bots out and make the maps smaller. Titans are big, they need room to move. And having people in Titans can get crowded quick. Not once have I ever felt lonely or bored in the game. Might only be 6 players, but those 6 can have Titans which can follow the player, therefore you could technically have 12v12 (12 humans, 12 AI controlled Titans).

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marlinfan101468d ago

I dont mind 6v6 but they definitely need to get rid of bots, they serve np purpose except taking up space on the map. I guess they help bad players get points too but thats a pretty dumb reason to put them in there.

PoSTedUP1468d ago

6v6 is fine for me, i just felt lonely a lot of the time playing online with so many bots. in socom we'd even have 2v2 if the clan wars called for it. so everyone i shot and hid from was an actual person that got to experience the epic gun fight we got in. i shoot people online for the thrill of just that, not: "ha! did you see tha- ..oh, err, no, no you didnt.."

PONTIAC08G8GT1468d ago

Bots help people who aren't 100% dedicated to playing competitively. I don't like COD because to be honest, I'll jump on and get killed by people who play it 24/7 and have 100 weapon attachments and 50 kill streaks going at once. The bots help those people feel like they helped. And in other game modes, they take a few seconds off your build time. Every online game shouldn't just be a crushfest for those who play it 24/7.

PoSTedUP1467d ago

yeah i guess they do wanna cater to the casual audience too. well said. thats why i dun like it i assume. im the guy on cod4, socom,, BF etc. that wipes the floor with people. they should have a lot more/different modes in TF2 imo. that last man standing mode is cool tho.

PrinterMan1468d ago

Completely agree. I played Titanfall on the PC for a very limited time. It just didn't drag me in. If this is a Titanfall 2 for PS4 announcement it would have to be a great improvement from the first to get me interested. I must admit the first one did nothing for me.

BiggerBoss1468d ago

According to Shinobi, they are definitely developing for the Ps4. Whether this is for Titanfall 2 or a new IP altogether is the question

WeAreLegion1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Sadly, he said they won't announce anything. :/

Edit: Ha. True. I just wish they would do a campaign mode.

TomShoe1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

They're still being published by EA, so no doubt their next game is Titanfall 2.

guyman1468d ago

That will be massively disappointing for me, this type of announcement should be at E3. I'm far more interested in sony's first party i.e. guerrilla games, guerrilla cambridge, santa monica, media molecule, bend, etc. I would much rather see an announcement from them.

Septic1468d ago

Wouldn't it be cooler if those announcements were made at E3 though? I see that show as the place to reveal things like that. Its the big show of the year anyway.

kneon1468d ago

The problem with announcing anything at big shows is that only the really big announcements get much press while the rest just get lost in the noise.

iSuperSaiyanGod1468d ago

Ungrateful it sounds like , it's all the same man

kurruptor1468d ago

Why exactly should they wait 6 months to do it at E3?

MonsterChef1468d ago

I think we are starting to see a trend started by Sony, a trend in which the major console developers are no longer chained to comerical events but rather events they themselves set up, like apple does, if you've payed attention when sony announced the ps4 it was at their own event when in the past that type of announcement could only be made at a tgs or e3 type event, I predict soon you'll see Microsoft move in this type of format as well