Geometry Wars 3 Review (Xbox One) - ArcadeSushi

Arcade Sushi:
"n the early heydays of arcade games, the only thing that mattered was getting the high score. The Geometry Wars series acts as a modern day descendant of score-hunting arcade greats like Pac-Man and Robotron; with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, we see this twin-stick shooter take its point-hoarding action to a whole new dimension.

Geometry Wars 3 features the myriad game modes which made its predecessors so popular. There’s Deadline, which gives you three minutes (and unlimited lives) to get as high a score as possible; Evolved, which gives you three lives and unlimited time; Waves, featuring a single life and more predictable enemies which spawn in waves; King, where you can only attack from within temporary King-of-the-hill-style safe zones; and Pacifism, where you can’t shoot, and instead must pilot your way through gates to blow your enemies to smithereens."

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