IGN: Xbox 360 Game of the Month: June 2008

IGN Xbox Team writes:

"June was perhaps our most poorly reviewed month in IGN Xbox 360 history. Store shelves were packed with games -- almost all of which were bad. Few managed to stand out and only our winner for Game of the Month managed to truly earn our admiration.

Xbox 360 Game of the Month: Battlefield: Bad Company

Why We Picked It: "Battlefield: Bad Company is a great addition to the long-running series, despite the fact that it leaves the comfy confines of the PC world. The added storyline gives newfound depth to the formerly shallow single-player mode, despite the fact that the dramatization pales in comparison to what we've seen from Call of Duty 4. Where Bad Company truly shines is in its multiplayer and the technology that drives the game forward. Both raise the bar in their own right and give the competition something to strive for. In this summer relatively devoid of solid first-person shooters, Bad Company does enough to earn your hard-earned dough." – Nate Ahearn"

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Rhezin3819d ago


AssassinXIII3819d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is nothing but a SUB-HD game that runs on 20 FPS and looks like sh1t , true next gen games r only possible on the PS3 with the power of CELL , the ps3 has the superior version of bad company with unmatched lag-free online gaming thanks to PSN .

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user8586213819d ago

hmmmmmm i gets ya so what your sayin is ninja gaiden 2 is better then GTA 4 and MGS 4 because it got lower ratings lmao!! yup u make perfect sence in a insane world!! lmao!!

June will surely be remembered to the bots!!!!

hotshot1273819d ago

but people sure as hell seem to love there fps's

aaquib53819d ago

Maybe...If it actually ran in HD.

Rick Astley3819d ago

Why would they choose Ninja Gaiden 2 when it sucks so bad? There's nothing wrong with choosing a multi-platform game for game of the month but we all know MGS4 will be game of the month for PS3.

GiantEnemyCrab3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Do you hold those same regards to a game like Call of Duty 4? Which is one of the best looking games on consoles.

I know that was meant to be a cheap shot. You gonna hit us with your purse next?

@1.2: How far did you get on NG2? What is your gamertag? The game scored in the 80's at metacritic and has been getting many great reviews. Why does it suck so bad again?

GiantEnemyCrab3819d ago

Agreed. I would pick Ninja Gaiden 2 over this game anyday. Battlefield has a joke of single player campaign and the online is poor as well. Multiplatform garbage.

@1.1: Anger Management? How cute. Looks like you are the one needing therapy having to cry about the PS3 in a thread that has nothing to do with the POS3. Poor wittle Fishhead, I know it's hard being in last place. The king is dead! Boohoo!

user8586213819d ago

i think its about time we hit this crabs weak spot ;) lmao!!!

djtek1843819d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab -why so crabby?

hotshot1273819d ago

someones whos dead doesnt outsell the 360 in its home turf by more than 120,000 in a single month(you'll see this in junes npd). someone whos dead doesnt jump from 6 thousand consoles a week to selling 75 thousand in the next because of a higher gig ps3 with an anticipated game.

someone whos dead doesnt catch up to someone in a territory who launched a year............and 6 months before.however, someone whos dead can only offspring death......that is in the red ring of DEATH. have a nice day.......back to the highest rated exclusive on metacritic out of ps3 and 360 on metacritic.
oh and before you come back with a comment about mgs4's lengh only being "5 hours"

large portion of most games time are taken up by fighting. mgs4 is a stealth game which means if you know exactly how to get passed all the enemies and avoid the fighting, the game can be beaten in hours.

if you took too human and they let you sneak passed every single fight in the game, it wouldnt take you more then 3 hours im sure.

same goes for alot of games. resistance fall of man, halo 3, gears of war, or uncharted. fighting takes up alot of time and the ability to skip it kills that notion.

and besides that people that do beat mgs4 in a few hours know exactly what to do, they know exactly where the enimies are and basically know the game inside out so theres my unbiased truthful answer that i honestly find hard to dispute (watch there videos)

and to top it all off, for a "5 hour game" it still rates higher than halo 3, mass effect, and gears. i guess that shows the quality of those games huh?

please shut the hell up with you foolish comments.

Shroomy3819d ago

God it's annoying. The Single Player is amazing with the humor alone, destruction makes it so much more fun.

All the review was is *Call Of duty 4 this, lacked where Call Of Duty 4 was blah blah*

hotshot1273819d ago

most people dont realize anything about the resolution until its mentioned. ninja gaiden 2 didnt nesccesarily suck but it just had a really bad story and unacceptable camera.

ok, i know a story makes a game(espicially for mgs fans like myself) but ninja gaiden 2 has some of the best gameplay a action adventure could have with the exception of technical difficulties.

nothing to do with it being exclusive or not, but then again, im more of an action adventure type of person more then a fps person so maybe im alittle biased. whatever though, it doesnt cause me to enjoy the games i play any less

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