Xbox head Phil Spencer congratulates Playstation with it's 20th anniversary

It isn’t all about war in the console industry. Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary and the company can be proud of this feat.

Xbox headman Phil Spencer has a record of being a real sport when it comes to congratulating his rivals and this time it’s no different.

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Snookies121442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

The PlayStation brand is a woman? Lol, in all seriousness I do like this guy. He seems like a much better fit for the Xbox brand, and I hope he continues to lead them in the right direction.

Snookies121442d ago

Ah, the title was changed... Makes my comment look weird now. :\

bouzebbal1442d ago

i dont like this guy, something about him that i dislike. The same with Jim Ryan from SCEE. Spencer sounds fake and Ryan is boring as hell to hear him speak.
20 years of PS is something, and i wish it's celebrated with some revivals of old franchises on Saturday.

Septic1442d ago

Spencer used to work on games and to me, his passion is clear and legit. If anything, he sounds like a Sony guy working for MS, if that makes sense, in terms of his tastes in studios and games.

joab7771442d ago

I love my PS4, not sure when or if I will get an xbone (I'm sure I will). But, I like Mr. Spencer. He is perfect. Playstation needs another fresh face.

Snookies121442d ago

Yeah, I think Phil is a great face for Xbox. He seems like a gamer himself, and doesn't act like he's just some guy getting paid to run a business.

Xbox was never really my favorite platform since its beginnings, but I definitely want to see it flourish. So, I'm hopeful that Phil will really do all he can to make it shine. Which would be great for Sony gamers as well, considering it'll mean tighter competition, resulting in better quality games in the future.

I want gaming to have a nice equilibrium between Nintendo, Xbox and Sony.

Magicite1442d ago

he got smile on his face in every picture

Rimeskeem1442d ago

I feel like he is a genuinely nice guy

SideNote1442d ago

Would be nice if both platforms could play online together at one point. That would be unity.

OB1Biker1442d ago

That would be awesome. I wish everyone would push to make it happen and maybe the internet would be a better place for gamers to respect one another

DoggyBiscuit1442d ago

All that nice guy stuff sound nice but phil deep down inside I know you mad the PS4 is killing it right now

Hoffmann1442d ago

He always looked to me like one of those vacuum cleaner sellers who walk from door to door to sell their product. You just can't trust someone with such a face

nix1442d ago

most of the xbox execs looks like that compared to the humble faced of PS. sadly the new US head of PS looks slimy.

Volkama1442d ago

Did a vacuum cleaner salesman give you reason to distrust him? Did one come into your house, put coloured sand in your carpet, and then announce his "vacuum isn't real and the sand will be there forever HA HA HA" before running to the next house?

Hoffmann1442d ago


It was not exactly like that but similar...

OB1Biker1442d ago

I do have the feeling he always trying to say what he thinks people want to hear

Volkama1442d ago

@OB1Biker, that is exactly what he is doing. He's very good at it, but at the end of the day the words mean nothing. It'll take a bit of time before we can really see what he's going to do for the xbox brand, besides sweet-talking the fans.

@Hoffman, Don't tell me... you bought his 2grand hoover AND still have the sand in the carpet? Sorry man :(

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MegaRay1442d ago

Not true. I bet he have a PS4 and dying to see ps experience lol

Mr Pumblechook1442d ago

It's nice that he had some professional courtesy, unlike Greenberg and hits trolling tweets. But what office noticed is that Spencer pays very close attention to the moves that Sony is making, so I absolutely expect to see an Xbox experience next year!

qwerty6761442d ago

maybe, could just be pr talk.

but maybe hes actually genuine

no way you or I would know.

NarooN1442d ago

I wouldn't be shocked if he has a PS4. Just because someone works for Microsoft doesn't mean they only play Xbox. I remember Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton both saying they owned and played other consoles. Just because someone works for a company doesn't mean they shut themselves off from everything else that isn't made by the company they work for. That's just a silly fanboy mindset that people have.

LoneWolf0191442d ago

You obviously didn't know about X1's flying off shelves this past black friday weekend

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Silly gameAr1442d ago

That's cool of Phil and he does seem like a nice guy, but I just don't trust him.

ReturnToSanity1442d ago

Because his job is for Xbox? Biased much without any real reason other than your childish fanboyism? He's congradulating the competitors in tough times for the Xbox and you want act like he's shady? He's turned a failed console and given gamers everything they want and removed everything they don't want. Grow up man. Good job to PS4 and Xbox.

Silly gameAr1442d ago

Calm down dude. It's not that serious. He's the one that did the whole Rise of the Tomb Raider deal with SE to make it exclusive and keep it off the PS4.. I'm sure a few more deals like that will pop up and that's reason enough not to trust him.

Like I said, I like the Phil and he seems like a good guy. I just don't worship the ground that he walks on like you do.

thewhiteelephant1442d ago

Its a business deal. Hardly something to not trust someone over. I hope there's more and more deals like that. This place is more fun when the fanboys cry about nothing

Silly gameAr1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Not crying but whatever.

Just because I said I don't trust Phil and got a few panties in a bunch over it, I'm a fanboy. ok.

marlinfan101442d ago


"i dont trust phil because he's bringing games to the xbox"

Silly gameAr1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


Games that have always been multiplat. You know exactly what I mean. It would be different if it was a new IP, but it's not.

SO I don't trust Phil because he's bringing established games to the xbox that should be muliplat. He even said it himself that he just did it because they don't have a game like Uncharted, so I guess Tomb Raider will fill that action/adventure gap.

I think they should take a chance and make their own Uncharted instead of paying to keep games off of other platforms because they don't have a game made in house that's the same genre.

Sorry that I don't have the same opinion of the guy that you do. Like I said, he's a cool guy, but he kinda makes shady moves.

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