Konami Cracks the Belmont Whip in Super Castlevania IV on Super Nintendo

Carl Williams writes, "The Castlevania series is destined to go into the annals of gaming history as being an iconic series. If video games crashed tomorrow, Castlevania games, in general, would be well regarded years to come. Konami has not taken many chances with this franchise (I am ignoring the Nintendo 64) and played it fairly safe in many ways while pushing the envelope in others. When the Super Nintendo was released and it was made public that there would be a Castlevania game for it, fans rejoiced. Super Castlevania IV (because every game had to have “Super” in its name) was a partial remake of the original Castlevania which put some serious pressure on it to be good."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Konami should revise their stance on 2D Metroid-vania style Castlevania games. Or 3D Metroid-vania style ones, for that matter.
They should revise their stance and start cracking their whips at the slave labor [read: interns] to get a new Metroid-vania Castlevania out on Nintendo systems again.[others as well, to be fair, but I think they're dead-set on the "God of War" style Castlevania titles for those, now, so I dunno if they would]

The fans want it; they'd have to be absolutely BATS not to!

Dannycr1473d ago

Lament Of Innocence was an amazing Castlevania game with 3D and Metroid elements. It also got really high scores (during a time were reviews meant something) and it was never released on a Nintendo console.

The console doesn't have anything to do with how Konami wants to handle the IP.

wonderfulmonkeyman1473d ago

Okay, fair enough point. But it doesn't change that Nintendo systems have been left in the cold as far as Castlevania goes, as of late.
We need a new one that isn't in the GoW style.

Dannycr1473d ago

Not really. All the following (real good) Castlevania games available on Nintendo consoles exclusively:

Harmony Of Dissonance.
Circle Of The Moon.
Order Of Eclessia.
Aria Of Sorrow.
Dawn Of Sorrow.
Portrait Of Ruin.
Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth.
Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow: Mirror Of Fate.
Castlevania Judgement.

Nintendo was left in the cold because they decided to launch an underpowered machine that could not run Lords Of Shadow and because 3rd party games were not selling well on the Wii, so it is a business decision. That is the only reason.

Konami barely uses the Castlevania license except to make portable games for Nintendo (and the Dracula X Chronicles to PSP). They took a risk with Lords Of Shadow and it "kinda" payed off, but that was a Trilogy and it ended with LoS2. Right now, they can go back into the original Castlevania timeline.

starchild1473d ago

I really want a new Castlevania game in the vein of the Lords of Shadow games. I loved both of those games so much. The old NES games were awesome too, but in this day and age I much prefer the style of the Lords of Shadow series.

mysterious_warrior1473d ago

Especially the first Lords of Shadow. Even though I did not like the story of playing as Pre Dracula I enjoyed the game a ton.

Herbert11473d ago

Castlevania 4 and Super Ghouls and Ghosts were my 2 best games on the SNES. Still play them today on my PSP. The Snes version of Super Ghouls and Ghosts is on Capcom Reloaded on the PSP or Vita.