Konami Press Conference Confirmed For 07/16/2008

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "More press conference info is leaking out as we get closer to E3. Konami has sent us info about their conference which will take place on Wednesday the 16th."

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Blackmoses3817d ago

Why did I even bother checking to see this lone comment, when I already knew what It probably said.....LOL!!!!!

Give it up already!!!!


Wildarmsjecht3817d ago

"Drekken - 2 minutes ago
1 -
OMG MSG ON 360!!!!!

Yes. MSG - Maybe Some Game.

But not MGS4.

tordavis3817d ago

Bubbles to Wildarms. That was hilarious.

power of Green 3817d ago

#1's comment was lame sarcasm he is on my ignor list so he must be a major PS3 fan lol.
I took you off my ignor list just to see why 1.3 was giving you props/

Wildarmsjecht3817d ago

I know it was sarcasm. I was also taking part in the joke. As for being on your ignore list, I figured that was the case and yet, I still don't care. Amazing how that works.

SickNick853817d ago

or MGS5 and ZOE 3 on ps3...

deeznuts3817d ago

Drekken - 1 hour ago
Ignore1 -

OMG MSG ON 360!!!!!

ChrisGTR13817d ago

you know this game is published by konami and not sony, therefore it is not an exclusive. ryan payton himself said after ps3 version was done then they would port it to "other consoles"

Wildarmsjecht3817d ago

ChrisGTR1 - 2 minutes ago
1.9 -
you know this game is published by konami and not sony, therefore it is not an exclusive. ryan payton himself said after ps3 version was done then they would port it to "other consoles"

Please direct me to a link where he stated that. Because if it were in fact true, it would've been pointed out LONG ago on N4G and we probably would need to have this conversation. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you hold no such link, but eagerly wait to be proven wrong.

Chris Bosh3817d ago

F*cktard fanboys dont learn.

ChrisGTR13817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

ohhhh sh1t ,wilds w/e your name is.

it was actually Hideo himself that said it.!! mgs4 is coming to 360!!!

"right now what im thinking is how i can change this around for other platforms"

PZOWNED lol. you are infact proven wrong and all the ps fantard idiots aswell.

vid interview link @ 3 min mark-3.55 mark.

Drekken3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

HAHAHA... OMG I was KIDDING!!!!!!!! You guys took a bubble from me!

I was just channeling my inner xbox fan! ha

PS3 is the best and I wanted to say it before someone else did, but its all good.

@POG I am glad you ignore me... just proves that you are on MS jock so much you cant HANDLE THE TRUTH. Get your piggy bank ready for the 720 next year son.

Wildarmsjecht3817d ago

I just watched it and you chose to skim over some important details he stated. I'll try and write it word for word

"Looking back I think we used alot of the power of the cell processor because I have to allocate correctly, the simultaneous task that it offers, whether its graphics, sound, the program AI, and also the project got so vast it had to use the blu-ray disk in a dual layer and there were some parts that were really specific and was only able to be done on the PS3 in many aspects. So right now it's kind of difficult to think about how I can maybe change this around for other platforms."

I don't see a confirmation, only that there was many aspects in which the game could only have been what it was due to the PS3. And that they used alot of the Cell. If he WERE to bring it to another system, he'd have to think about how to produce it close to that.

There was that little"Part of yours" that you claim him saying it'll come to the 360. Try again next time

LeSouteneur3817d ago

Nice pwnage Wildarms... TWICE, more bubbles for you!

ChrisGTR13817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

omfg even with the damn video interview of hideo kojima saying hes gonna change it around to work on 360 you still manage to spin this into your ps3 fantard comment.

wildarms just STFU!

the closing statement and most important one was that he confirmed that hes currently converting it to 360.

"right now what im thinking is how i can change this around for other platforms"

does this not mean anything? apparently not to moronic ps3 fanboys like just take a second to read what he said one more time.
"right now what im thinking is how i can change this around for other platforms"
and duh i know he just stated that theres features only ps3 could have like fitting 50 gigs on a bluray or the gimmick of sixaxis but then again his ending statement was that hes gonna switch it aroud to work for 360. meaning hes gonna take out sixaxis stuff and compress the files to fit on a dvd.
so yea you really did get owned once again but w/e.. just keep reminding yourself its not true when you see mgs4:subsistance for 360 on store shelves

Wildarmsjecht3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

You're incredibly delusional and really REACHING for this game to come to the 360. The interviewer asked If it would come to other platforms, or something to that extent. He responded with an If statement, and by that I mean He never once stated, "Oh yes I'm working on it for other platforms, and right now I'm thinking about how It'll be done" IF you think no developer thinks about how it would be on another platform, you're an idiot. But please, keep praying at nite and breaking as many wishbones as possible while looking out for shooting stars. It's obvious you want this game bad, so much so that you'll take w/e words and make it your own. Really, it's pathetic and I pity you. But only so much. I'll be waiting for this subsi~ to come out. Might be an eternity, but I'll be waiting.


Because all that information is not available on the internet. But I'm not here wondering if you have a system or not, and refer to my post to PoG, I don't care if you put me on ignore at one point or another, it doesn't phase me. In fact, You would've been one of the first to be on mine for being such a blind 360 fanboy, but what would that do? I actually enjoy conversations with everyone, and maybe after this, we'll have a normal one, but I disagree with that vid being proof of it coming to the 360 is all. All either one of us can do is wait until any of that actually happens. That's all.

ChrisGTR13817d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

lol. actually i have this game on ps3. big biss appears at the end and dies,snake dosent suicide as proof that i have it. i was just proving that it was coming to 360 and then you asked for the proof so i was looking through a couple vids in order to find it. so i got a bit irritated especially since i had already ignored a while back for you for being a ps3 fanboy. obviously hes no gona just say it straight forward that there making it for 360. even ryan said something similar in vid interviews (go search em).so no im not waiting to play this, i was just proving it was coming to 360.


im just stating the facts ..i guess im a fanboy now that ive proved mgs4 is coming to 360? i guess so. despite the fact your trieng so hard to prove me wrong. wouldnt that make you a blind ps3 fanboy? i had already ignored you from before cause of your ps3 fanboy comments so i guess youve never realized your actually a fanboy as well.bigger fanboy than i as you get upset mgs4 is coming to 360. konami has already released mgs games on gamecube , xbox1 and PC. mgs4 isnt published by sony either, all im saying is this is bioshock all over again but the tables are turned.

AllroundGamer3817d ago

wow nice heavy spoilers... the gamers, that haven't played the game yet will be surely thankful to you for ruining their experience. Next time try to add Spoiler warning at least dumba$$ !

ChrisGTR13817d ago

LOL!!! i didnt think anyone was dumb enough to read all the back and forth comments between wildarm and me .i figured nobody would read it. guess i was wrong. w/e every ps3 owner has already beat mgs4. its only like 10 hours long. you shoulda beaten it already lol.

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Lucreto3817d ago


If they announce it I will be happy. PS3 preferred I don't want the small fanbase to fracture if it went to the Wii and 360.

Pornlord3817d ago

You know, I agree with the small fanbase thing. But I know of at least 5 people that would be getting it that I hang out with, so that's gotta mean it's got at least somewhat of a good following.... I don't know, I just really love that series and I'm with you on not splitting up the fanbase. Maybe it's small enough where MS won't try to buy it.

Lucreto3817d ago

The fan base is small and most fan sites have gone quiet. Suikox has slowed to a stop and the war system has collasped. Imagine if its a Wii or 360 exclusive the flame wars will cause former friends into enemies.

I thought if its on one console it would stay on that system but Star Ocean 4 on the 360 after it being on the PS1,PS2 and PSP proved I was wrong.

ExcelKnight3817d ago

I'd rather go for either a multiplatform release for PS3 and Xbox 360 (please, I want as many new fans as possible!) but give different bonuses for being an owner of either console.
PS3: Save file reading all the way back to 1 and possibly the Suikogaiden games.
Xbox 360: Some sort of Suikoden database for people to get caught up, like they did with MGS4 (not likely, but eh).

Lucreto3817d ago

Yes thats a good middle ground and I would support that.

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