Mole: 60GB Xbox 360 model Is In, 20GB Is Out

A leaked scan of an upcoming K-mart ad that shows the 20GB 360 Pro model selling for $299.99 has led many to believe that the system will see a price drop at E3. Ars Technica have since received an e-mail with a copy of a communication from a usually trustworthy source that claims that the price drop is not only pending, but a 60GB Xbox 360 is coming as well.

"At E3 Microsoft will make an official announcement that we are dropping the 20GB pro console to $299... As we launch the 60GB SKU throughout July, the 20GB SKU will DISCONTINUE. You will see the new SKU on your 7/1 price list," the communication reads.

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LiquifiedArt3820d ago

"Look Consumers, we have a 60gig console and its the (SAME) as Sony's, BUT for a cheaper price!"

Micorsoft = Liars

nuff said.

GiantEnemyCrab3820d ago

$ony discountinued the 60gig version so I don't see how your stupid little rant is even justified.

It's called business and these companies will do whatever they can to win sales.

DavidMacDougall3820d ago

lol grab you got your ass handed to you last topic so you moved to this

juuken3820d ago

Oh boy...there goes Crab crying again. Seriously guys...I just wasted ten tissues on him!

GiantEnemyCrab3820d ago

WTF are you talking about David McDongle?

How am I crying Juuken?? You can say that stupid statement to anything. You have the weakest comebacks on this site of anyone. The fact that I tell this guy that MS is in business to make money and will adjust SKU's accordingly that is somehow crying??

SKullDugger3820d ago

SONY does not have a 60gb console anymore and the 80GB MGS4 bundle is limted, so what is your point?

juuken3820d ago

It's okay Crab. Let your anger ouuuut. Breath innnnn...breath ouuuut.

karlostomy3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Evertime she gets beaten, her posts become the longest, most nonsensical posts ever seen on N4G. She is living in a fantasy world i believe...

At least I get my daily dose of healthy laughter from her. In fact, for that reason I am becoming quite fond of her. What a dear misguided little trollop she is. lol...

Hey Crab, do you know if she is at all the goodlooking sort? (My current girlfriend is SO NOT into gaming) Perhaps I could ask her out on a date? I would love to have a hot girlfriend who is also into games... that seems to be so rare...

Maybe she will chill out a bit if she has a strong man like me in her life huh? Judging by her personality she seems to be lacking in that department...

I just hope she not some fat pimply female version of the typical nerd gamer...*shudders*

How about it Princess? Don't be shy now...

(Oh and, btw if this is you juuken, then the deal is OFF:)

juuken3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

And every time you're beaten karl, you run away like a wuss.
And seriously, I wouldn't want to go on a date with you. You're not my type, especially with that Hitler avatar there. You could be a hermaphrodite in disguise for all I know as well.

And cute, but no.
Get over yourself. :)

karlostomy3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

You have never beaten me at anything...

Good lord girl.... What's all that talk about hermaphrodites?
Stop admiring yourself in the mirror.

Such narcissism. nasty. Stop it.

*spanks Juuken for being a naughty little trollop*

Stop grinning grrrl.... You love it...

Madmax12819803819d ago

oh u mean like sony did after a few months of releasing the 60gb ps3? stripping it down ie taking away the nice chrome face. removing 2 usb ports. removing b.c. removing the card readers. im so glad i bought the 60gb one bout a month after launch and hope to god it wont break as im not accepting a gimped 40gb as a replacement!

why do droids cry3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

TO LIQUID FART ABOVE; so your sayin if they put a new hard drive on the market. it's a scam?!?

droid logic= sometimes their wrong, most times their blind

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Drekken3820d ago

Yeah well, this is good and all... but dont they still have a SKU without a HDD? Or was that the 20gb?

LiquifiedArt3820d ago

ummmm the one without the harddrive cant be a "20 Gig" lol. Makes no sense. I think you talking about the Arcade SKU.

SKullDugger3820d ago

Hey dumb and dumber which one are you?

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

Hooooow abooooouuut;Putting a Hard Drive on the Arcade Unit FIRST : | ?

GiantEnemyCrab3820d ago

It's not going to happen. I'm sure whatever they did you would have a problem with it anyway.

BIoodmask3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

What difference would that make? There are already arcade units out there without a hard drive.

The only reason that Microsoft sells the arcade unit is for the casual crowd. The kind of people who don't care about downloading a lot of media. That is why it comes with a memory unit.

You can still access Xbox Live without the HDD. The casual crowd most likely doesn't care about such features.

Does the Wii have a hard drive? Seems like the sytem with no HDD on any model available is spanking the other other consoles in hardware sales every month worldwide.

Condoleeza Rice I have noticed throughout your comment history that you seldom if ever have anything good to say about the 360 or it's games. Why bother commenting at all in 360 threads. Just so you can try and irritate members of N4G with your subtle forms of bashing?

It isn't like you are fooling anyone.

power of Green 3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

This dude has too many bubbles for the amount of trolling he does.

The arcade is the arcade, this is about the sku that has a 20GB hard-drive being upgraded not the arcade needing a hard-drive.
You do too much worrying for a person that does not own the 360.
I see you in all the 360 threads commenting 1st or close to it; like you do nothing else but wait for 360 news to bash.

The worse kind of troll is the ones trolling 24/7 for news of the competition trying to set anti good news tones in them handi-capping discussion for the people that actually plan on buying the console or the real fans of the console) lol

There is simply nothing to trash talk in this news there is no reason for the suggestive negitive comments. This is not bad news in any way there is no news about other SKU's. The only news is good news about a cheaper console with 3 times the HDD space. lowl

Lachance says *undercover* to me its *blatant*...

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

Ahh,the -flaw- with your logic ^

The main reason why I actively encourage Microsoft to include a Hard Drive in every single Arcade Unit,is simple;Developers are unhappy about the exclusion of a Hard Drive on the Basic model of the Xbox 360.

As you can see ^ ,the lack of a Hard Drive is a problem.

Fox013820d ago

oh fk, I just bought a 360; yesterday!!!! Microsoft better make this right.

power of Green 3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I don't think your problem is that the "ARCADE" doesn't have a HDD, your attatude/malice in this case" has more to do with the 60GB 360 being $100 cheaper than the 40GB PS3. This is the only logical reason why a 360 hater would try to spin this rumor/news.

LOL... They are so out of control they outnumber us in our own threads lol.

EDIT: Not to be rude but most of your comments and opinions(PS3 fans in here) are worthless; the simple fact is this rumor is about great news of a sku dropping to $300 with tripple the HDD space lol.

Skip_Bayless3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Your wrong about harddrive-less consoles sell more since only one doesn't have harddrive is the Wii. All you can put on the memory space is VC and Wiiware games and those don't take up much spac. And the 360 core doesn't sell that many. Clearly the premium sells the most. When you talk about the 360 in general it has a hardrive since that's the main one most people buy the most.

Microsoft needs to drop the core to $200 immediatey because they have no chance of getting tapping into the casual market and the 360 will be in 3rd place the longer they wait. And bloodmask keep spewing your theorys just like all those pro HD-DVD theorys you were wrong about.

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I will go into a little detail about the advantages the inclusion of a hard drive would bring;

First and foremost,shorter loading times.This is something that is welcomed by all,less time loading=More time gaming.

Secondly and lastly,the ability to store downloadable content.This is a no brainer,the ability to store extra content made available,be it free or for purchase,is definitely needed for every present and future Xbox 360 owner.

It's not a matter of "Why should Microsoft include a hard drive in the Arcade Unit?"as it's quite clear that the inclusion of one would bring benefits to all.The question is,why are Microsoft bothering with upgrading the Hard drive capacity on the Premium Unit whilst the Arcade unit has none?

That is the question ^

mikeslemonade3820d ago

They should lower the price of the Arcade instead of including a harddrive since they have done that for almost 3 years without having a HDD. Sadly, I think the Arcade is the only weapon they have that has potential to beat the PS3 just because it's so cheap. Even though it's a gimped bundle they can trick customers into buying it.

JokesOnYou3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

uhmm, essentially the Arcade is the Premium minus the HDD, so if this news turns out to be true I don't understand how either your comments make sense....

"The main reason why I actively encourage Microsoft to include a Hard Drive in every single Arcade Unit,is simple;Developers are unhappy about the exclusion of a Hard Drive on the Basic model of the Xbox 360."

uhm, I get that devs would have preferred micro to have made HDD standard, but its already too late= 2 yrs and counting without it being included on basic model, which makes your comment irrevelant to this news since its impossible to make HDD standard on previous 360's already sold, therefore even if they drop the Arcade there will always be 360's in peoples homes without an HDD, thus dev's will always have to work around that fact.

Also although I agree HDD standard would have been better for devs it certainly hasn't stopped dev's from fully supporting 360 in fact many like Square Enix have shown alot more interest in 360 than previously expected. You follow gaming enough to know that your comment is off topic and has nothing to do with this news, as always you're just looking for some positive 360 news to hate on.

@ mikeslemonade, actually the Arcade is the least attractive model of the 360 sku' sells far less than the Elite and Premium, basicly most people are fully aware that a 360 without a HDD is very limited, only people who absolutely care nothing about online gaming but want to experience HD gaming as cheap as possible buy an Arcade with the exception of young kids who use their own money but can't afford to buy the premium, they buy the Arcade first then when they save up more they buy a HDD, 2 of my younger cousins went that route, but honestly I really don't know anybody who owns or thinks the Arcade is a good deal.

@vvvvv gaffyh, why would anybody think you should get the 60 gbHDD if it comes out, NO you already have a HDD, if you want more space you might consider a larger HDD but thats it.

@ Condoleezza Rice, again even if they do phase it out, its virtually impossible to ensure all those already non-HDD 360 owners will buy a HDD even if it was $10 bucks, there are some very stubborn noob owners(new/uneducated gamers) who wouldn't buy it because they would just assume its some useless accessory not needed for games and then if a game required it they would complain if their console isn't compatible= which is exactly what I think will happen eventually and micro will just have to take the *heat from the 1 or 2 noobs(j/k) that bought an Arcade and actually noticed it can't play games with *HDD required sticker on them, lmfao still doesn't change the fact that phasing out the Arcade now still will leave previous 360's without HDD.


gaffyh3820d ago

However fanboy you think Rice is, he's right. It is stupid (if this rumour is even true) to replace the Pro version with a 60GB HDD and leave the crappy Arcade with NO HDD. They should just get rid of the Arcade version and replace it with the 20GB.

I have a Pro 360 20GB, but I'm not going to buy a 60GB (if it comes out), although I'm pretty sure all the MS fanboys will (that haven't already bought an elite).

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

hM,it appears you missed the point;Microsoft shouldn't bother with bringing in a 60GB Unit,that is,they should leave the Premium as is and focus on bringing a Hard drive for the Arcade Unit.

Sure,it would take a few months to ensure every current Arcade Owner has a Hard Drive,but since we're talking about a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation here,I'm positive they can find a way to verify Arcade gamers and ensure they have a Hard Drive.

With that said ^,I believe I have used too many bubbles on this simple matter.I look forward to continuing this debate once the Phasing out of the 20GB has been officially confirmed.

KingME3820d ago

You're a hardcore PS3 fanboy, why do you even care which sku has a hard drive.

MADGameR3819d ago

WOW about time! But its a little too late lol! MS should've thought about WHAT the people want instead of what they want!

heavyarms3819d ago

here is laughing @your fat ass PRETENDO biatch!!!!

plenty a tool3819d ago

---------> open zone is where you should be posting your trolling rants! you are a hardcore ps3 fanboy. everyone knows it. and why is there always ps3 trolls in every 360 thread????

yeah a hard-drive less 360 coming off the back of a standard hard-drive xbox wasn't a smart move imo, but it's not really hindered things. and the massive software library that the 360 enjoys is a testement to that.

bottom line, ps3 fanboys are two-a-penny on here. and they all have loads of bubbles??? they must read eachothers posts, see the fanboyism, and give each other bubles for it.

whereas everyone that's favours the 360 is never above 5 bubbles?? perhaps the 360 fans should all start bubbling eachother sharpish! doing what the ps3 fans all do!

player9113819d ago

"hM,it appears you missed the point;Microsoft shouldn't bother with bringing in a 60GB Unit,that is,they should leave the Premium as is and focus on bringing a Hard drive for the Arcade Unit."

While I agree that having a SKU out there does handicap devs somewhat while making games... I don't believe the upgrade to a 60gb has anything to do other then 20gb drives are hard to come by.

Technology has a weird way of working. Hot new tech items are expensive and get cheaper as time goes on. After a while they get phased out with newer technology. When this happens old technology starts to actually go UP in price. So while you think it is stupid to include a 60gb drive while the arcade still has none... I say it is a move to cut costs. You can probably find a 60gb cheaper then a 20gb (if that makes sense). I'm surprised 80gb drives are still available to buy.

Plus you talk about developers wanting to require hard drives. Well they should do like the PS2 did with Final Fantasy Online... simply sell a MASSIVE SELLING game like Gears 2, create an optional package Game/HDD combo at a good price, and make the game require a HDD.

This would be a perfect solution IF microsoft comes down off their high horse and stops charging out the ying yang for HDD's. OR better yet, standardize the HDD's and sell a "HDD-ATTACHMENT" accessory for $20 that allows a gamer to simply add their own HDD of choice.

I have an Elite with a 120gb. If they made a HDD-Attachment that allowed me to use any HDD... I would buy it. I think most 360 owners would.

Anyway. There are several options that would work. I think any upgrade is a positive one, especially if it sells for the same price. And games work fine in their current configuration. There isn't really a need for "requires HDD" unless it is an MMO.

Nevers3819d ago

then they shouldn't be forced to buy it... but why you'd buy a 360 without a HDD is beyond me.

poopface13819d ago

I once had an arcade(no it was a CORE even worse), but got rid of it cause I was poor and heard about problems. I got a pro with hdmi when that came out. It may have problems too so I got a warrenty. this is good news cause now when the new model comes out ill break my 360 and return it and get a 60 gb drive. awsome.

I just think the arcade is stupid cause it probaly turns ALOT of causuals off, seeing 3 different versions. There needs to be a 360, and an elite. Then they whould have to sell the pro for around 299, and ANYONE would buy that over a 279 arcade. the only reason they have the arcade is so can keep the prices of the others up and still say that the 360 is 279, when its the version that NOONE wants.

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Obama3820d ago

Hey aren't you the duck monster in Chrono trigger? Or are you the monster in that slime adventure game? Can't remember.

BLUR1113820d ago

wow looking in the article about 360 60 gig hdd by so many fanboys wow you f4ggs need lives.. seriously.

baum3820d ago

I thought Microsoft didn't need them