Take Two’s Zelnick: We’re disappointed Target and K-Mart have pulled Grand Theft Auto V from shelves

Stevivor -- "In the wake of department store chains Target and K-Mart pulling Grand Theft Auto V from their shelves, Take-Two Interactive Software’s Chairman and CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has issued a comment."

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JoeMcCallister1446d ago

Understandable, weird to note that no other GTA's are currently banned in Australia beyond one for music issues.

Naga1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Don't worry. I'm sure K-Mart and Target will be consistent and pull all of their R-rated movies, too.


pivotplease1445d ago

I don't get it. You can still download the game? Even if parental controls are thrown in, this is no different from the age restrictions enforced by video game vendors. Garbage parents are the main problem here.

MRHARDON1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Yeah, for the 2-3 people that still shop there.

ab5olut10n1446d ago

Say what you will, I've yet to find a more absorbent tighty whitey.

diesoft1446d ago

@ab5olut10n I think you misspelled "diaper"

1445d ago
cellfluid1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

How's iz it [email protected] they sell real gunz to people but pull a video game on the shelf! Hypocrites

Dan501446d ago

Guns are banned in Australia.

sungam3d1446d ago

No, guns are not banned in Aus...
Why does everyone think this?

BadlyPackedKeebab1446d ago

@sungam3d - most likely because the rest of us see Aus as a rational and forward thinking country. Rational and forward thinking countries generally dont let people pick up a roast chicken, olive oil and an AK47 in the same trolley.

inmusicutrust1446d ago

Guns are banned in Australia as far as I know.

Stiffler1445d ago

They're not banned bro.

Saryk1445d ago

Guns are heavily regulated, but not banned.

Bathyj1446d ago

We have guns, what are you talking about?

You have to be licensed to have them and handguns are harder but you can get them. You cant carry them around on the street unless you have a job that requires it. I used to shoot pistols and ordinary civilians can do it, but you must be a member of a sporting pistol club and participate regularly.

MSBAUSTX1446d ago

There isnt a target I have been in that sells guns

pasta_spice1446d ago

Target Australia and Target US are run by 2 different countries. They just have similar logos.

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CloudRap1446d ago

these liberal soccer moms have grown to become a bigger scourge on progression than even the tea party.

On another note, who cares theres a million other stores to buy GTA5 in better than Target which is just an overpriced walmart ripoff anyways.

Bathyj1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Well thats it. Im going to Big W after work and pick this up for $64.

Congrats Target and K-Mart. All you did was actually make me buy this early than I thought I would, and from someone else.

Bigger picture though, your actually being jerks. Lets say next time a GTA or similar game has censorship issues in Australia, and the publisher say we'll tone it down to get classification in Australia, then some bright spark reminds them, "hang on, even if we do that, their dumb arsed shops (for thats what we call stores) will refuse to sell them. I say bugger em."

Thanks jerkshops.

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The story is too old to be commented.