EA's looking to build from within instead of acquiring new studios

Joystiq: "In one way, Electronic Arts has always sort of been the New York Yankees of videogames -- it simply buys what it wants. Many of the studios in EA's stable -- such as PopCap and BioWare -- weren't home-grown, but rather bought through expensive acquisitions. Company CFO Blake Jorgensen's looking to change that."

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Godmars2901473d ago

Thing is their problem has always been when they find something that works, not allowing their studios to do a proper job because release days next to sales/market quarters was more important.

FromTheAshes1473d ago

Or when they find a great studio like Pandemic, Westwood, and others, this happens...

Bigpappy1473d ago

They have 2 studios I have been a fan of for many years: Bioware and Popcap. They should have stayed independent, but I guess the business end is very financially risky. Hope they are kept separate and just given more support to do what they do on a larger scale.

BitbyDeath1473d ago

Here's an idea, build Bullfrog back.

EnzoLuca1473d ago

Rather theyve fucked all the remaining great development houses into the ground

Sorry for my language but they FUBARd Maxis, Criterion, DICE, Westwood Studios and the closed Bullfrog Productions.

NegativeCreep4271473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

God Dammit Bobbeh!!!

Vaht Are U Talkin' Abooouuut???