Kmart follows Target's lead, rips GTA V off shelves

MMGN: Following yesterday's news that Target had pulled GTA V from shelves after a series of complaints about the game's violence, Kmart has followed its lead, confirming today it would also remove the game from sale.

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Snookies121268d ago

Their loss, I might just not even shop at Kmart or Target anymore after hearing this BS. Pandering to some outspoken idiotic people that don't know anything about gaming, or the game itself.

mattdillahunty1268d ago

i think this speaks on the idea that the people who are so out of touch with video games still think they're "kids games." like how we would be playing the Atari or NES at 10 or 15 years old. so when a "game" comes out with lots of violence or nudity or what have you, these people gasp and go, "wait a minute! kids shouldn't be playing this!"

well, no shit, you idiots. that's why there's an M on the front of the cover that stands for "mature content," aka you should probably be an adult, or at least late into your teens before you play games like that. i mean, an M rating is the closest parallel to an R rating that gaming has, so why don't they pull R rated movies? we all know why--because people realize that an R rating tends to mean it has content suitable for adults or late teens. with video games, though, it doesn't matter that there's an M rating, because A), many people still view them as toys for kids or teens, and B), people still LET THEIR KIDS PLAY THEM.

people within the world of video games are still getting used to the idea that games can be for people of all walks of life--male, female, black, white, asian, latino, gay, straight, old, young, you name it. but outside the video game world, there's still a lot of catching up to do in order to make people see that games aren't just toys.

denawayne1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

If you're upset that these stores don't sell a particular item because you shop there, then I would understand. But to be upset because of a decision they made based on whatever made them make that decision is their right. Ultimately, they have to decide if their decision is strong enough to warrant lost sales. In this case, the majority of people who shop at Kmart and Target are probably mothers. Are these customers misinformed or ignorant? Probably. But Target or Kamart probably feel it's better to take the game off the shelves than to upset their main customers. Bottom line is it's business.

Kurylo3d1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Thats not true. Poor people shop at kmart.. not just mothers lol... Point is people are mad because this sets a precedent and it can spread like a virus. Gives credit to politicians who want to outright ban violence in video games. If your not careful we could end up like austrailia who cant even play left 4 dead.

At the end of the day people dont like an ignorant small minority that are people who dont even play video games...making decisions for everyone as a whole.

Regaurdless .. its decisions like these that show why kmart is going out of buisness. GTA5 is the highest selling game.. like ever.. lol... so much for that revenue.

cfeste1267d ago

I love video games and also support restricting the violent and dangerous ones from kids. There are many other places to buy these games, so no problem, IMO.

denawayne1267d ago

@ Kury - I never staed that I like it. Just pointing out that it's the right of any business to decide if they want to sell something.

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joab7771268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I wanna go there just to see what else they ARE willing to sell. I can look online as it's much cheaper lol. Pretty pathetic actually. Is it just this fps view thing cuz it's a remaster.

Did Australia sell the last gen version. They have always been very strict. I think at one time they made all electronics illegal...very brief time.

Brettman20081268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

No, electronics have not been banned here. We only got a game R18+ rating a year so ago though. GTA 5 on last gen consoles was sold here.

Dan501268d ago

Greece banned all video games for a brief time not Australia.

lfc_4eva1268d ago

Great publicity for Rockstar and GTA.

cfeste1267d ago

Then don't buy there. I support their decision.

Jonny5isalive1267d ago

kmarts are not here anymore they are going out of business, not a good business decision. Before it closed the one here was still selling SNES games in like 2003. I wish I had looked for megaman x 2/3. I think I would have noticed tho.

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pasta_spice1268d ago

That's strange, I saw it at my local Kmart earlier today. Oh well it's not like Kmart has a great range of games anyway. I'd rather shop at JB Hi Fi, Sanity, or Big W.

n1kki61268d ago

This is just Australia correct ?

ShinFuYux1268d ago

it says on their website: "The Australian PlayStation 4 Community". Come on, dude, at least click on the damn website before you ask these lazy ass questions.

n1kki61268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I was reading it on mobile it certainly doesn't say that they're an Australian website when using their mobile version.

To thecquestion. I asked if it was JUST them. MEANING ONLY AUSTRALIA. In other words no one has heard anything about the us yet. Calm down sheesh. Would that be your response in person or are just an angry troll. A normal person would answer something along the lines of "yes only AU for now." I asked because the US had pulled San Andreas because of the hidden hot coffee hack. SMH.

Let me reask the question.

This is just Australia correct?

Your answer is "The Australian PlayStation 4 Community"

OK so this is ONLY them then?

Dan501268d ago

Yes its JUST Australia and one place in New Zealand.

slane31268d ago

Make sure you pull all the violent dvd/blu ray off the shelf too. What a joke

WitWolfy1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

SM... I cant agree enough with you. Sex, Rape, violence is all good when its in a movie.. BUT A GAME.... MOST UNORTHODOX!!!

Saryk1268d ago

Their hypocrisy has no bounds!

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