A Question of Necessity – Rollers Of The Realm Review | GIZORAMA

John Ohm, GIZORAMA - "There was a recent point in popular culture’s history where everyone and their dog was inexplicably obsessed with bacon. Bacon flavored chocolate, bacon scented air fresheners, and bacon plush toys flooded novelty shops, while bacon memes took over the internet. It seemed like all the cool kids were too busy professing their love for bacon to realize just how stupid they all were for finally recognizing something that’s been around since the freaking 1600s. I bring this up only because there seems to be a similar trend in the videogame industry when it comes to Role Playing Games. You can’t throw an indie developer at the Steam Greenlight page without them smacking face first into a game featuring “RPG elements”, and like the legacy of the aforementioned fried pig, the products of this new hype all taste a bit off. Rollers of the Realm, a pinball game touting an RPG twist, falls somewhere between the bacon-flavored toothpaste and bacon-scented deodorant, proving to be no more than a pig in a dress."

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