Destiny - Did Bungie Ruin Exotics?

IGN - Alfredo and Destin sit down to talk about the changes to gear, the Raid and what to expect from The Dark Below.

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Ares84HU1468d ago

They screwed up the upgrade system. And they will screw it up even more with the Dark Below. If you want to upgrade your exotics to go beyond 300 than you will need an exotic shard, exotic weapon (doesn't have to be maxed out) and 7000 glimmer. Give it to Xur (if he has the upgrade for that weapon that week) and he will upgrade it for you but all your upgrades on that weapon will rest so you can start over. At the moment, there is no point in upgrading any exotic weapon what so ever. Also, ascendant shards are useless pretty much now...

Reddzfoxx1468d ago

They screwed up long before this. Nerfing weapons based on the cries of pvpers, stripping content away before release, adjusting Raid mechanics to punish teamwork, patches breaking gun's, patches causing frame rate drops,patches that cause more animal name error codes,etc.

OmegaShen1468d ago

Your comment is useless, assendant's are use for other weapons outside exotic. Maybe read about it before saying there useless.


I'm guessing your on Xbox because its the only one having problems.

StanLee1468d ago

I have tons of fully leveled exotics. I'm screwed. This is going to be a grind.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1468d ago

" (if he has the upgrade for that weapon that week) "

They specifically said, if you have it, you can upgrade it.

Mehmeh1468d ago


Yeah, like the PS4 hasn't had its share of problems with Destiny also?

You can't honestly say that Destiny hasn't had the same problems on PS4
as Red mentioned besides the FPS drop (Im assuming he thinks about when in Party Chat). And like two of the things he mentions isn't even tied to any platform as it is raid mechanics and how guns work in the game. And that is subjective problems, but still it is present on both platforms.

You smell like a fanboy when you try to push Destiny Issues to Xbox One only.

Ares84HU1468d ago


Read it again! They said that Xur will NOT have upgrades for all exotics every week. He will have an updrage for one or two selected exotics every week. So yeah, if you have it and Xur has the upgrade for that weapon that week than you get to upgrade.


Exotics will leave legendary weapons in the dust now that they can go beyond 300. So let me ask you, who will want to have legendary weapons or even upgrade legendary weapons. I have about 10 legendary weapons fully upgraded, I do not need ascended shards what so ever.

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Tex1171468d ago

No, they didn't ruin exotics. Having an opportunity to keep your current exotics viable is nice, but they have implemented it in the most punative way possible.

Just give me icebreaker and g-horn in the first few weeks and Ill be a happy camper.

OmegaShen1468d ago

I have both of those, I use my LMG more then g-horn. Already have a person that would trade me the Vex M for it.

Red Death is the my main exotic weapon, ice breaker second.

Avernus1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

This is Bungie's way of adding "depth" to a shallow system. I'm not re-lvl'ing up my exotics, so this new addition wouldn't bother me.

As far as balancing goes, they made the Thorn decent, the VexM got a good buff, and a couple other nerfs / buffs that were needed for PvP.

The Pocket Infinity was broken balance wise before the patch, and now it's broken in the way it actually works. This gun shouldn't even be in PvP imo, but w/e.

I'll bet for the next DLC, they change the way you upgrade again, so instead of using "Exotic Shards" there's going to be "Super Omega Shards" know, so they add more "depth" to the game.

lameguy1468d ago

What are "Super Omega Shards" you ask? Well I could tell you ... but here's 2 sentences on the back of a virtual card online for you to make sh*t up yourself...

GuruStarr781468d ago

They nerfed my suros.... so yeah... they did screw it up.

KwietStorm1468d ago

What, the do my work for me rifle? Shame.