The world domination of PSN digital codes

Sony's PSN Digital code top Amazon's best sellers list. Blogger Wololo sees it as a sign of Sony's domination of the market, and of digital sales taking over the world of video games.

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medman1469d ago

Sony ftw. As usual. Game on.

mikeslemonade1469d ago

I wonder what's the reason why those cards are always in the top 10 on Amazon. They're not like that in any other site.

tlougotg1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Keep kicking %ss and bringing the goods! screw these lil mister media x delusionals lol and paid advocates lol They can pay the media, talk propaganda, moneyhat ips, pay devs under the table for parity but your not stopping this hype train and the quality that has come and will come. Omg cant wait to hear the meltdowns when uc4 is shown!!!! epicness

Uc4, GT7, Bloodborn, New Racthet and Clank, MLB the Show, New GOW, Media molecule new ip, GG new rpg, Santa Monica other ip, Rime, No Mans Sky, and somany others soon to come!!!!! How can you not be on Sony side!!!! to much greatness. And yeah i loved Kz Sf, Enjoyed Infamous SS, Resogun, TLouR, Drive Club, etc... so im still gaming good.

xlancer1469d ago

Jeez, if you get this excited over a digital code article i fear your head may explode when your first pube lands!

TimeSkipLuffy1469d ago

Probably because spent $200 on cards recently *LOL*... well maybe more ppl did the same thing :D

GokuSolosAll1469d ago

The prices aren't good enough yet for me to regularly buy. Just PS+ and Flash Sales, and even then, just the good ones.

Tapani1469d ago

I just bought a 5000yen card from and it cost me 5800yen. That's almost as low mark up as has, but they didn't accept a direct credit card payment without Paypal (which is limited for me cuz of unnecessary business account verifications).

PSN Japan has an offer of 15 months of PS+ for 5200yen (43.5usd) so I thought I can pay some extra to get those three months before the offer closes. Also, they have a 20years PS+ lottery going on. You can participate for free!

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