The Evil Within update deploys on PS4/Xbox One

If you boot up The Evil Within tonight on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll notice that a new title update for the game has been released. The 1 GB update covers minor bug fixes and optimizations.

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Bloodjunkie1469d ago

wow will it finally get better graphics, better controls and less bugs and maybe a story?

SULTAN_41469d ago

all what I really hope by the word "optimizations" is to remove the 2 black lines from the screan & zoom out a bit , improve the frames to 60 fps ..

McGruff1469d ago

Black bars aren't going anywhere as confirmed by Bethesda support staff. I doubt 60 fps is possible on console. After new patch the game is still struggling to hold 30 fps in open areas. Playing Ps4 version.

Genova841469d ago

Agreed. Only way to play this game without letterbox at 60 fps is with a beast of a computer. Fortunately, I'm picking mine up Saturday and this game is sitting in my steam library since I bought it for $20 last week. Looking forward to finally trying ot out!

skwidd1469d ago

I swear these arguments about numbers and how games 'should be' are becoming mind numbingly mainstream it hurts.

McGruff1469d ago

@Genova84. I'm jealous, I originally was going to get this for pc but my machine went down a couple weeks ago. I decided to grab a copy during black friday for $25 on Ps4(my backup gaming machine). Might pick it up again if it's 5 or 10 bucks on steam during a summer sale. Hope you enjoy!

KillerPwned1469d ago

I don't see how this game is so horrible I loved it and its about time horror fans got a game worth the title. I'm guessing maybe expectations were to high for this game to just be perfect.

skwidd1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

People nowadays are just nuts. They want their system to be better by validating it in a simplified and easily quantifiable way with numbers such as: "My system plays 1080 at 60fps which is better than 900 @ 30fps". These people don't know how to enjoy games. Evil Within was made with bars and 30fps deliberately, maybe to add more textures.. maybe for lighting... maybe for aesthetics or maybe all of the above. But that's the choice they made and that's what the game IS not what it should be. Enjoy it cuz I sure am! Its one of the best games I played this year if not THE best.

deadfrag1469d ago

Still not 30fps lock on consoles!Lame !

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