Far Cry 4 review: It’s Far Cry 3 with co-op and mountains, but that’s okay | Postmedia

If you remove Far Cry 4’s fictional Himalayan setting called Kyrat, the rocket launcher selling sherpas and all the Buddha statues, Ubisoft latest entry in its open-world first-person shooter franchise is basically the same game as Far Cry 3.

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pat_11_51472d ago

I'm looking forward to Far Cry 5. This game really needs a new engine though.

XboxOneX1472d ago

A brand new engine for FAR CRY 5 would be amazing I cant wait to see how amazing the graphics are. Hopefully it will be shown at the game awards or we will have to wait for E3.

Pozzle1472d ago

I hope the story is better this time around too. And of course, give the villain more screen-time!

tastas211472d ago

Far Cry.. more like far bad lol ubisoft can't make a game that workz

KTF261472d ago

actually this one works

UKmilitia1472d ago

i enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as FC3

Rimeskeem1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

and really deadly Honey Badgers

LAWSON721471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

If that is the case I would never pay $60 for it, FC3 was adrenaline filled fun that got boring fast and had little to no good content. IMO it is a big gimmick that people like if they actually belief gameplay is the only important element in a video game. I would spend no more than $20 for another FC3. It was overrated IMO, I think it's good gameplay and visuals gave it good presentation which could be considered key to getting a great review from some. Of course just my opinion, I think a 9 above is ridiculous for such an empty game then again I like depth and open world RPGs like Fallout and TES so maybe I have been a little spoiled by what they offer in their big worlds.

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