Unfit for duty: Is 343 Industries right for Halo?

A look at 343's handling of the Halo franchise to date and whether or not they are capable of steering the franchise in the direction it needs to go. Does Microsoft even believe in 343 at this point?

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lifeisgamesok1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

343 was created from members of Bungie who created Halo

So yes they're fit for Halo

Halo 4 was greatness (the campaign)

dotwithshoes1297d ago

I honestly, do not know, or have ever known how anyone can think that MS just threw some random devs together and called them 343.

Naga1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Bungie, historically, has been pretty stellar at creating storytelling universes which are rich in lore. However, they have never been very good at expounding upon those worlds in meaningful ways that bring it all to life. It's one of the reasons why the Halo books like "The Fall of Reach" were so instrumental in my appreciation for the Halo universe. It's one of the reasons why I think Destiny has fallen so flat in the storytelling department. I love them to death, but that's just Bungie's way.

Yet since 343i took over, they have gone deep into the Halo universe and really breathed new life into it. With Halo 4's campaign, with the terminals, with Spartan Ops, with Forward Unto Dawn, and even with Halo: Nightfall. With 343i in charge of Halo, it seems like there has been a very distinct shift toward deep, immersive storytelling intent on finally doing justice to the universe that Bungie created for us. So long as they don't repeat the matchmaking issues we recently experienced with TMCC, I think the franchise is perfectly capable hands.

dotwithshoes1296d ago

I completely agree Naga! Well said:)

Askanison41297d ago

Halo 4 was polished so well. Really awesome game considering the name it had to live up to.

As much as the situation with MCC has been an absolute train wreck - the job 343 had to do here was pretty immense. I don't think they'll ever get the credit they deserve for this one considering the launch but it is genuinely impressive that it works at all.

kevnb1296d ago

why? its not like they developed a mmo or something, its mostly straight ports of older games.

Askanison41296d ago


They ported 4 games, yes. Which itself is impressive. But they ported 4 games, from 2 different platforms, and implemented a single, unified set of online functionality between them all.

Any way you cut it that's impressive.

pompombrum1296d ago

" I don't think they'll ever get the credit they deserve for this one"

They had a game launch that is pretty much on par with Battlefield 4, it's been out for over three weeks now and a lot of users are experiencing game breaking problems. I'm sure most of us can respect the gigantic task 343 tried to accomplish but they certainly don't deserve credit all things considered.

CorndogBurglar1296d ago

343 wasn't created entirely from Bungie Devs. Yes, they had some devs that worked for Bungie and helped make Halo. But its not like the entire team of 343 was created from nothing but ex-Bungie devs.

ipach1296d ago

certain affinity who does all their multiplayer was basically formed from a bunch of the key bungie halo multiplayer designers, too. they basically are like bungie light, minus the logo and jason jones.

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-Foxtrot1296d ago

They seem more fitted for the single player then the multiplayer

Obviously it will never ever happen but imagine what they could achieve if they spent more time on the campaign and made it longer.

terminallyCapricious1296d ago

I agree. 343i are pretty good at handling the story compared to what bungie was going with it. Yeah they did mess with a bit of canon and gave oni a bad name instead of the one everyone feared but with the new writer doing the comics justice it seems to be on track from its missteps.

Now the multiplayerfor h5 seems to be better in terms of balance and NO loadouts but will it be the halo 2 of the 343i halo? Who knows. I hope the beta will be as smooth as the destiny alpha/beta was. More less restricted features and None of this mess like with the mmc.

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All_Consoles1296d ago

I really like halo 4 multiplayer on big team battle. Just lose the perks and load outs which it seems they have done for halo 5

Tankbusta401296d ago

Bought an xone to play MCC and play what I didn't last gen... Now I find myself playing Titanfall because I can hardly party up with a friend consistently in MCC... Not to mention there is no team doubles anywhere... Pretty dissatisfied with the Mcc

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