LittleBigPlanet developer to be interviewed LIVE by Eurogamer

Brighton, England, 30th June, 2008: Eurogamer Network and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are happy to announce that David Smith, Co-Founder and Technical Director of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule, will face questions from readers on Wednesday, 2nd July from 4pm BST (UK time) / 5pm CET.

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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3791d ago

one only need look at their game comparisons and ps3 game reviews and see this is a bad idea! They'll probably butter him up now to make sure they get an early review copy of lbp, and then give it a 6.5/100!!

Shaka2K63791d ago

They are always innovating and bringing all types of video games into the industry.

unlike microsuck which only banks in more 4 hour generic shooters.

max-jeager3791d ago

ps. the photo for this new is relly cute can anybody let me know where to geet it

hunter213791d ago

hehehe i dont care what the topic writen, but the photo caught my attention.

ISA_Scum3791d ago

Well, Eurogamer will thrash any PS3 exclusive so this may just be an early way of the devs doing damage control for what has to be the most biased and Microsoft loving media source out there next to 1up.

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