Rice University offering a course on Skyrim

Professor Donna Ellard is offering a course in Skyrim to her students at Rice University. It isn’t a development or game design class, either. “Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim,” which first hit the course catalogue in 2012, is interdisciplinary but leans towards the humanities–students play the game, of course, but they also read Norse mythology and Freudian psychoanalysis to try and determine why Skyrim holds such appeal for American audiences.

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Bigpappy1271d ago

Good. Bethesda does a great job at creating the most immersive, detailed and believable worlds in gaming. They put more work in than anyone else in to Ai routines and interaction with those npc than anyone, and it shows. Many are trying to tap into their formula. I would like to see others not only learn how to do it, but and even more detail and better Ai. I know some don't like the fighting, but it works for me. I would just like the to get rid of all the hand holding. Let me earn my weapons and money. Even if it means I resort to stealing and murder to get them.

Canary1271d ago

...I can't tell if you genuinely believe that or not. If you do, please: play more RPGs.

WeAreLegion1271d ago

Sweet. My college taught a course on Tolkien. That was like the only cool course.

Lucifun1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I think I tried to apply to rice a few months ago, but because I couldn't get past the learning curve they call, Common App, I just quit.

Edit: Just applied right now for the heck of it.

Rimeskeem1271d ago

I feel like theres a reason i have no idea what Rice University is

Rivitur1270d ago

Its a higher level college just below ivy league and the tuition is fucking outrageous!