Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Pick the Best Companions

Dragon Age: Inquisition offers many party companion options which can make choosing difficult. Here are some tips on how to choose the best party for you.

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ibrake4naps1419d ago

I like serra except for those awful pants she starts out in. As soon as she joins you, take her pants off

soondragon671419d ago

I tried, but she only takes her pants off for women... :(

MeteorPanda1419d ago

my teams blackwall, darion and either sera/iron bull/vivi.

I am sort of stuck on how l want cassandra to be. Iron bull is crazy two hander bezerker, blackwall is tank never dying..what is left for cassandra? l tried going warhorn buffer..but she dies so fast..

Any ideas for the 3rd warrior spec?

Ozmoses1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I chose Iron Bull and Blackwall also...

Iron Bull with 2-handed weapons... Blackwall with Sword n Shield...

leaves nothing for Cassandra... I like the other warriors better..

I usually have Solas in my other spot. I'm a rogue..

So 1 Rogue, 1 Mage and 2 Warriors is my typical party.

MeteorPanda1419d ago

how awesome are rogues? at the start they're pretty bad but omg. go assassin...l crafted two 400dps daggers and now l just flank stab mofo's, insta cd on that invisible move and kill the next guy. I went into a fort by myself and cleared it out XD

Ozmoses1419d ago

yeah I know. I'm still a DA rookie.. I played DA:Origins when it first came out and didn't like the pause/play battles. I never played DA2.

I'm only like 12 hours in or so.. Level 11.. I got some sweet daggers I made though.. I let everyone rush in while I sneak around and flank.

1419d ago
Dewitt1419d ago

Iron Bull, Vivianne, and Sera is my team. Sera's thousand cuts focus is ridiculous plus I need her for deft hands. I tried to combo with Dorian because I think he is a way better companion, but it was not nearly as effective.

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