To Be Ignorant Of #GamerGate Is To Be Part Of The Problem: An Alternate Perspective

EGMR writes: "As with any instance in which two extremes exist, we feel that there is merit in both sides of the discussion, or argument as it were. While Gaming Anarchist presented one side of the coin we required another to balance our discussion on GamerGate, someone from the other side of the imaginary fence. The side which is against GamerGate. It took us a little longer than we expected to find someone level-headed and open to discussion on the side that is against the GamerGate hashtag but we eventually discovered an ideal candidate right under our noses."

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Malice-Flare1297d ago

the only thing i ask of these 'crusaders' is that they exercise restraint and reason. fat chance...

madjedi1297d ago

I'd settle for stop acting like their own shit, don't stink.